When we invest in a property, we consider its  location, amenities, and our budget. For one property buyer, police officer Julius Caesar ParaJas, safety and security  are the most important requirements.

For Police Officer Julius Caesar Parajas, the safety of the community is an important consideration when choosing where to live. 

A police officer for 17 years, Officer Julius is aware that untoward incidents may happen to anyone. Hence, it’s essential that good safety and security measures are in place. And he was impressed with what SMDC Trees Residences in Fairview, Quezon City has in this area, especially that he has three children. 

“I like that SMDC Trees is nice and very secure, which were the reasons why my wife and I bought a unit here. It has rules on what may and may not be done, unlike in a subdivision which can be noisy at times. Here, it’s very peaceful,” he said.

Julius and his family have been staying in Trees Residences for two years now.  They have made friends here, which has made them love even more their new address. 

“We know a few people here at our tower, and they are very nice.” Having built friendships here makes the place a true community.

Always having a good time

It was during the pandemic lockdowns when his wife met people in the development. “She is really the one who interacts more around here. We neighbors help each other at Trees Residences. We are building community and neighborly relationships now.”

At SMDC Trees Residences, comprehensive measures are in place to ensure the safety and security of residents. 

On days that he is not working, Julius bonds with family and neighbors. “We love spending time with each other. We are always at the pool. Then we jog in the vicinity. When there are zumba sessions, the kids join and dance with our neighbors.”

Investing wisely 

According to Julius, his investment has paid off. In fact, some of his colleagues have also started investing in SMDC condo units. 

Julius loves spending time with his family and neighbors at the many amenities of SMDC Trees Residences. 

His advice to those looking for property investments? “Number one is really security. This is the reason why I bought a unit here. It was the security that convinced colleagues of mine to also buy units here. The place is nice and clean. It’s very different because, unlike in other areas, here we can relax and still feel secure inside and when we go out.”

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