(From left to right) SPARK Philippines Executive Director Mikaela Luisa Teves,Bag designer Zarah Juan, Tagbilaran City Mayor Jane Yap, Shell Pilipinas President and CEO Lorelie Quiambao-Osial. And SM Assistant Vice President for Operations – SM Aura Premier 4 Bernice Baculi showcase the tote bags from The Tarp Project collection.

Shell Pilipinas, a pioneer in innovation and sustainability within the energy industry, proudly announces its collaboration with SM Supermalls, Spark!, and esteemed fashion brand Zarah Juan in the launch of The Tarp Project in a launching ceremony held at the Outside the Box, housed within the Zarah Juan Pop-Up Shop at SM Aura, Taguig City.

“[The Tarp Project] truly for me is one of the partnerships that I truly treasure for us at Shell, we’re approaching 110 years in the country as a partner to nation building in January, and something like this aligns with what we do as a business and what we do with our foundation.” said Lorelie Quiambao-Osial, President and CEO of Shell Pilipinas. “I look forward to continued convergence of collaboration, innovation and sustainability and empowerment and I really look forward in terms of how this movement can inspire.”

The Tarp Project marks a significant convergence of efforts to economically empower women and address environmental challenges associated with tarpaulin production. The project, led by SM Supermalls President Steven Tan, involves upcycling used tarps sourced from landfills in Bohol province. Renowned designer Zarah Juan transforms these discarded materials into exquisite bags, with the support of the women in Tagbilaran City, Bohol, through Spark! women’s rights organization. These women contribute to the creation of unique bags but also earn from their sales, fostering economic empowerment and community development. “This endeavor, marked by trial and error, months of partisan training, and collaboration with remarkable individuals and companies such as Shell Pilipinas, is more than just creating bags. It signifies a step closer to providing a cleaner, healthier world for the next generation,” said Zarah Juan.

The city of Tagbilaran, Bohol has greatly benefitted from the project for its sustainability and community aspects. “At its core, The Tarp Project is a beacon of innovation and collaboration. It is an initiative that transcends traditional boundaries. It unites creativity and environmental protection with grassroots engagement. Indeed, we are proud of the beautiful creations from what could have been discarded waste in landfills,” said Jane Yap, Mayor of Tagbilaran, Bohol.

Acknowledging the vital role of SM Supermalls, President Steven Tan expressed his commitment to the initiative, providing a physical space in SM Aura and making the bags available on their commerce website. This partnership underscores the importance of multi-sectoral collaboration in driving positive change. Mikaela Luisa Teves, Executive Director of SPARK! Philippines, emphasized the importance of the partnership, saying, “The bags not only represent a unique and stylish accessory but also contribute to a larger mission of supporting women and mitigating the environmental impact of waste.”

As Shell Pilipinas anticipates its 110th anniversary in the Philippines, the company is proud to participate in this sustainability project under the banner of innovation and sustainability. The Tarp Project seamlessly aligns with Shell Pilipinas’ broader sustainability initiatives, echoing its values and commitment to creating a brighter and more sustainable future.

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