Team Kramer’s Must-Have Toys: Irresistible Fun for All Kids!

Kids learn a lot by playing with their toys. For one, playing is one of the building blocks of their future. Also, it teaches kids a lot about the world. Now that school is over, how about rewarding your kids with cool toys?

For MR.DIY brand ambassador Team Kramer, toys are essential in a child’s development. “As much as possible, we let our younger kids play with their toys, especially Scarlet and Gavin. I think it is one of the most important things in their growth and development. It stimulates their brains and helps in their creativity,” says actress and Team Kramer’s wonder momma, Cheska Garcia-Kramer.

Gavin, a comic book and movie character enthusiast, has a room full of toys. Every corner of his own space is filled with his favorite characters. “I love talking with Papa about my toys and my favorite character collections,” shares the youngest member of Kramer.

In buying their kids’ toys, Team Kramer emphasizes the importance of having ones that will bring out the best in them. “The best toys are those that spark your child’s senses. It should enhance their imagination and encourage them to engage with their peers,” adds Doug.

So what can you give your kids? Here are some of Team Kramer’s parent and kid-approved toys.

MR.DIY Slime Monster

Slime Monster

Slime may be the least of your options but hey, did you know that this sticky, slippery, stretchy stuff that kids love has benefits? For one, it develops your child’s fine motor skills. Also, by letting them play with slime, they get to focus and pay attention to things.

So keep calm and slime on! Get your kids the Slime Monster from MR.DIY and you’ll see more reasons why you need to stick to it.

MR.DIY Magic Rubik’s Cube

Magic Cube

Let your child adopt a new hobby by giving him a Magic Cube from MR.DIY. Much like everybody’s well-loved Rubik’s Cube, this Magic Cube will surely boost your child’s problem-solving skills. This toy will also boost one’s cognitive power, memory, and even, dexterity.

Spark his curiosity and keep him engaged in a mind-breaking workout with his own Magic Cube!

MR.DIY Cute Pet House

Cute Pet House

Compassion can be one of the greatest lessons a kid can learn when playing. And how can you do that? By giving them a Cute Pet House from MR.DIY. This pet house will expose your child to the wonders of having to take care of their miniature toy pet. Not only that it can be therapeutic for them, but this will also help them grow secure and active.

MR.DIY Doctor Play Set

Doctor Play Set

Is your child getting anxious during Pedia visits? Ease their anxiety by giving them a Doctor Play Set from MR.DIY. Research shows that children benefit from medical play when given

MR.DIY 3D Mould Dough Pack

3D Mould Dough Pack

As kids are more drawn into tinkering with their gadgets with their own hands, why not get their pretty little fingers moving with MR.DIY’s 3D Mould Dough Pack? It comes in different colors that can be mixed to produce different colors. Plus, this toy can develop your child’s hand-eye coordination by forcing them to manipulate the materials to fit their ideas.

time to play and get familiar with the hospital items. It also gives them a chance to look at medical tools in a relaxed and safe environment such as your home.

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