The rise of e-commerce has led to the blossoming of the Philippine beauty and cosmetics market, which is developing demand for items that specifically cater to the needs of the Filipino skin. Aiming to help Filipinos reach their goal of healthy, glowing skin, DMD Skin Sciences is paving the way to more accessible dermatological services and products in the country. Its digital strategy also comes at an opportune time as beauty products have become the second most purchased items online, according to the 2021 Digital Consumer Report conducted by Facebook and Bain & Company.  

As someone who experienced the grueling pains of self-isolation from suffering acne, clinic founder Dr. Mike D has pledged to “create a community and a support system that will accompany every patient in his journey to strong skin.” Teaming up on this quest is the cloud logistics network, LOCAD, which provides on-demand warehousing and multi-channel fulfillment to DMD Skin Sciences.

Solving challenges in shipping beauty products

Tapping LOCAD as its partner in the journey, DMD Skin Sciences’ message to Filipinos is that skin is an essential organ of their bodies that needs caring and pampering. “We value taking care of our patients so much because we are a high-touch brand,” Dr. Mike D details.

The constant invalidation of skin concerns among Filipinos pushed DMD Skin Sciences to bring clinical experience to its forefront. “Here in the Philippines, getting dermatological treatment is sometimes related to vanity,” Dr. Mike D explains. “I think that is the reason why some patients have been choosing to abandon their dermatological consultation.” 

Understanding clients’ concerns, DMD Skin Sciences guide Filipinos on their journey to have strong skin. The clinic dispenses products to both patients and non-patients who have a dermatologist’s prescription. Aside from treating their patients in the clinic, DMD Skin Sciences reaches out to potential customers by making their products more accessible to the public through delivery and fulfillment by the cloud logistics platform, LOCAD.

For DMD Skin Sciences, appreciating its customers means providing a reliable logistics partner, which can deliver products and skincare formulations on time without any issues.  LOCAD handles fast, secure, and seamless order fulfillment for its over-the-counter products. Its efficiency and expertise in handling its products help DMD Skin Sciences achieve more sales.

Investing in outsourcing service fulfillment helps the clinic grow its community. LOCAD’s distinct features also ensure that products arrive at specific destinations in good condition with their quality preserved: airconditioned storage facility for skin products, the company’s expiration management through monthly reports, and additional security cameras in caging facilities that protect small items.

One advantage in partnering with LOCAD is that his team does not have to overthink order fulfillment. Dr. Mike D says, “We are at peace knowing full well that someone as reliable as LOCAD is doing it for us.”  Since enlisting LOCAD’s expertise in warehousing and logistics, the clinic has more time to focus on other business matters that increasingly need attention, like marketing and operations. 

DMD Skin Sciences’ MISSION: SKIN° Collection is composed of moisturizer, spray, retinol, and spot concentrate for acne-prone skin.

Positive patient feedback

These days, with around 7.9 regional online platforms to shop from, Southeast Asian digital customers’ brand loyalty does not solely depend on price. Better product quality, better availability, and faster delivery times all contribute to their decisions, as validated by the 2021 research by Facebook and Bain & Company.  LOCAD’s research also names exceptional customer experience as key to acquiring and keeping customers.

Patients’ positive comments on DMD Skin Sciences’ social media platforms vouch for the effectiveness and the delivery speed of the skincare products. Their opinions and suggestions remain king to the clinic’s operations, while making word-of-mouth referrals grow organically.

According to Dr. Mike D, they validate their perception that customers place high regard on fast, safe shipment: “We do not want to lose our patients’ trust because of an unpleasant order fulfillment experience.”

DMD Skin Sciences’ MISSION: SKIN° Moisturizer and Retinol Cream known for its skin hydrating, skin restoring, and anti-aging properties

The slew of positive feedback comes with customers’ increased orders for skincare products. LOCAD’s organized, efficient handling of the clinic’s products resulted in a 200% sales increase, while its fast end-to-end fulfillment services and immediate dashboard enabled DMD Skin Sciences to meet the rising demands. The clinic’s e-commerce site has also reached higher sales than expected in December 2021. “We are thankful with LOCAD that they are really ensuring that our patients are happy with the experience,” Dr. Mike D shares. 

Journey to giving healthy, strong skin to Filipinos

LOCAD’s working with small and medium enterprises (SMEs) also serves as a crucial factor why DMD Skin Sciences continues its collaboration with the cloud logistics platform. Dr. Mike D emphasizes that he appreciates LOCAD’s openness and readiness to be its partner: “LOCAD was the only company that entertained my inquiry on fulfillment. I like how they were and are still open and accepting to start-ups, and how they see the potential for small enterprises to be a big brand someday.”

Developed by Dr. Mike D and Dr. Julia Swinton, Azelane Clinical Whitening Soap is a sebum-regulating, acne-scar lightening, and skin-whitening product in one.

Banking on clinical expertise, DMD Skin Sciences envisions creating more expert products and skincare formulations that can improve their patients’ skin. “Innovation is the reason why we can formulate our products. We see our patients daily; that is why we know that their needs are met and addressed with the help of our products,” Dr. Mike D explains. 

Attributing his clinic’s growth to its skin-conscious community, Dr. Mike D shares that the clinic will continue working with LOCAD, because it helped turn his dreams into reality. He envisions accompanying more Filipinos in their journey to achieving strong skin. “We are all about community. We value our patients’ feedback and treat them as our bosses. We value authenticity because this is what our patients feel and think about our treatments and skincare lines.”

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