Back in the days, we used to watch updates of our favorite artists in the mainstream media, from their launching and invitation is categorize as news item depending on the controversy and issues of certain performers, while the after result we have to relay to some columnist who publish their review or critique of what they seen and felt during the show.

Brand promotion was the next big thing for any show to promote the acts, a commercial attachment followed as solely endorse by lead performer of the show, or something she or he endorses even before. It is a venue both for the products and the show itself to be notice by the public.

Events was highlighted in major platforms as social media became the in thing the past years, aside from mainstream media, marketing people welcome new media from different websites to cover and write something about their events, separate media launch was curated for them to have them feel the importance, as click and views of stories and photos became the essence for success rates, thus it includes the rise of bloggers who passionately write and review right after any shows and promo events, to add stir and create noise of the campaign.

Afterwards the rise of influencer became the sensation, as people who gain huge following in their personal account became the messiah for others to watch and buy the product they religiously promote in their page, next thing they became the ambassadors of different brand talking how good and effective is the said brand, plus we also see them in different launch activities or product activation in different malls even in a private hotel ballroom, as their presence speaks largely that they do support and promote it.

What’s Happening PH experience majority of these events evolutions, for past many years we are a living witness on how a brand from all walks of life try to gather different sectors, in marketing products thru different activities, some uses wellness and lifestyle with immersion feels, like we have to do Zumba in the malls, or do fun run early in the morning, or sit while crying in theaters as we unravel performances shine in their roles on stage.

But when pandemic strike, a 360 degrees turn happen where events became virtual and product promotions should be on personal note, they send products right in the doorsteps of our home, a simple or extravagant personal endorsement takes place for so the called influencers in social media. Personal since brand request to let us try their products, cook with it, wear it and pose with it, even engage to our followers to re-echo that this certain brand would fit their lifestyle too.

Events would always be there no matter what, even this pandemic cannot stop it since online conference is feasible to invite and let everyone know, that they do exist with latest promos and campaign for the people to be inform.

As they say, event marketing is in many form no matter what the consequences are, it is just right there waiting always waiting for other platforms to rise so they can be involve, and have that success in bringing awareness and information’s.

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