To some, photography is just a hobby. For others, it’s a passion and a full-time affair. Either way, people are finding photography as a way to see the world from a different perspective.

Alyssa Tandoc, a 30-year-old nurse, loves to travel and take photos as a hobby. She’s gone from a snap-happy traveler to photo-enthusiast and, ultimately, to someone who takes the craft with a passionate heart.

“I really love traveling. That’s where I find inspiration in taking photos. I love the burst of colors in everything I see, and I think seeing it behind the camera makes it even more special for me,” said Alyssa.

Pursuing this passion was never really her intention. “I have a smartphone so I can snap and share my photos right away, but loving photography made me want to invest more —  not just in my time but also in my resources. I bought my first-ever professional camera. From there, I made sure that I would learn everything about photography.”

Aside from being a nurse, Alyssa has also been accepting photography gigs. She covers small events such as civil weddings and family gatherings. “I live for capturing their best moments; photos last a lifetime. That’s why I make sure to give my all when taking them; and once you start taking their photos, it’s hard to stop because it’s so fulfilling.”

Her social media pages, both Instagram and Facebook, are a reflection of how she sees the world. With her travel photos, you’ll be instantly transported to the colorful and wonderful places she’s been to.

“The sense of community is amazing that even those who you don’t know will assist you if you need help. And I think this is what makes SMDC the home of the good guys.”

She also joined photography competitions and got featured in photography groups on Facebook. In all of these that she is doing, it’s amazing how Alyssa can find enough time for everything.

“I live in SMDC, that’s why,” she briefly answered. Alyssa has been living in one of SM Development Corporation’s (SMDC) properties in Quezon City. SMDC’s MPlace in South Triangle is the best place for her to nourish her creative soul as the vibrant community overflows with energy fitting for young and ambitious trendsetters.

 “It’s near my workplace, and because of that, I can find time to practice my photography skills even when I am at home,” Alyssa said. The young lady shared that her workplace is just walking distance from her home. And even after long hours in the hospital, she can relax in the comfort of her unit. The condominium’s location is also strategic. It’s near her photo gigs and places she would frequently visit.”

MPlace South Triangle Lobby (Actual Photo): The bespoke hotel-like lobbies provide the residents and guests a five-star welcome each time they walk through its doors.

As a creative, Alyssa tries to find inspiration in her environment — and she doesn’t need to look far. SMDC’s MPlace in South Triangle boasts of hotel-like lobbies and beautifully-designed amenities. These spaces were carefully curated to ensure that every resident’s experience is elevated as soon as they step into the property.

MPlace South Triangle Central Amenity Area (Actual Photo): The resort-style amenities offer a calming refuge in the city, while encouraging residents to stay fit and healthy.

Furthermore, the young photographer feels safe in her community, thanks to efficient property management. With less things to worry about, Alyssa can focus on her day job and her passion projects.

When the pandemic began and traveling was halted, Alyssa decided to continue her newly discovered passion from home. Now that the sense of normalcy is back, she is happy and excited to see and explore the world again from a different perspective —  one photo at a time.

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