Tanduay Calendar Girl Bea Alonzo features in the latest Tanduay Select commercial, where she encourages people to take a shot at making the right choice.

“If you make the right choices, kaya mong magpasaya, kaya mong magbukas ng puso. Have the guts to choose para maitawid mo ang pagsubok (If you make the right choice, you can bring happiness, open hearts. Have the guts to choose, so that you can overcome obstacles),” the Kapuso actress says in the Tanduay Select commercial, as she shows the different ways one can make a change for the better.

Marc Ngo, Tanduay International Business Development Manager and Senior Brand Manager, said that the “Your One Shot to Make a Change” TVC seeks to inspire people not to waver with their decisions.

“People are constantly confronted with choices, and some of these choices have the potential to change the course of our lives. Bea is the perfect embodiment of this. She showed that getting out of your comfort zone can lead to new opportunities for growth,” he said.

Recently, Bea’s made a bold move as she transfered from her old home studio to GMA that initially surprised the public. With the new shows and endorsements that followed, she showed that she made the right choice for her career.

“We always have ‘what ifs’ in our life. What Tanduay Select wants you to realize is that your one shot or decision can be the change that you need or the change the world needs. You can create an impact or even inspire people, even just one person, to likewise make that change,” Ngo said. As Bea says in the conclusion of the TVC, “Every choice you make, kahit gaano kaliit, may kabutihang makakamit (Every choice you make, no matter how small it is, would achieve something good).”

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