Who would’ve guessed that a hair straightener could make delicious cheese quesadilla? Or that your clothing iron can double as a pizza maker?

Dubbed as “The MEALagro Maker,” the newest Danes Quickmelt Cheese is changing the way you prepare food using the most unusual food recipe suggestions with #LutongGadgetRecipe. So if cooking isn’t your strongest suit, this might just be what you’re looking for.

To show off Danes Quickmelt Cheese’s MEALagro-making abilities, the #LutongGadgetRecipe series was released on TikTok—kicking things off with tasty recipes that were prepared using everyday home appliances, to highlight the ease of using Danes on many dishes in a fun way.

The most popular recipe is the Plancha Quesadilla. The recipe calls for 2 simple ingredients: tortilla and Danes Quickmelt Cheese. To prepare it, simply place sliced cheese into a tortilla, fold and wrap it in foil, then press the iron on top to heat it up. Danes Quickmelt Cheese stays true to its name because just like that, your quesadilla is ready to eat!

There are other easy-to-follow recipes—all designed to compensate for millennials’ lack of cooking skills. Danes Quickmelt Cheese has got them and their dishes completely covered.

The online community never ceases to amaze, coming up with their own recipes using Danes Quickmelt Cheese. Members of the Facebook group, Home Buddies, had a few tricks up their sleeve.

Home Buddies member, Gabriel Bernal, used a heated car hood to toast his Grilled Kimcheese Sandwich! He combined mayonnaise and Gochujang paste to prepare the spread. Then, he applied a layer of butter to make sure the sandwich was golden brown on the outside. Making sure not to forget the star of the recipe, Danes Quickmelt Cheese, he piled a generous amount of grated cheese on the inside of the sandwich with the Gochujang spread and chopped Kimchi mixed with green onions. Finally, he wrapped the sandwich in foil and placed it in on top of his car hood to work some magic. This recipe will surely make you say, “SaranghaeYUM.”

Courtesy of Gabriel Bernal

Another member used a laser cutting machine for his #LutongGadgetRecipe. Timothy Talusan got crafty with his version of a Grilled Cheese Sandwich. To prepare it, he used butter and grated Danes Quickmelt Cheese on two pieces of bread, before melting it together with his laser. Adding his last ingredient, he sprinkled chili flakes—except the kick in this sandwich isn’t from the spice, but the toast-engraved Danes logo on top of it.

Courtesy of Timothy Talusan

Taking extreme cooking to the next level, Karen Derla Cabaguio prepared a full meal with dessert using different appliances, including…a power drill??? Yup, this Home Buddy was ready to make the ultimate Cheesy Chicken Egg Roll and Mango Cheesecake Cookies with the one and only MEALagro Maker, Dane Quickmelt Cheese. To cook the chicken, she used an iron press as her grill and a hot hair straightener to bake her cookies. But of course to mix her ingredients, she used a power drill like you’ve never seen it used before.

Courtesy of Karen Derla Cabaguio

Cooking has never been easier! Try your own #LutongGadgetRecipe with the No. 1 MEALagro Maker, Danes Quickmelt Cheese—available at a grocery near you. Don’t forget to tag it on Facebook (facebook.com/danescheeseph) and Instagram (@danescheeseph) with the hashtag #LutongGadgetRecipe and #DANESTheMEALagroMaker.

Agency behind the idea in partnership with Danes is leading independent ideas agency, Gigil.

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