Starting October 27th until the 29th, KFC fans and PUBG MOBILE players can savor the Winner Winner Chicken Dinner with the real-life collaboration of the game at KFC Bonifacio Triangle. Upon entering the store, patrons are immediately transported into the world of PUBG MOBILE, with life-sized replicas of iconic in-game structures, such as the famous drop crate. Diners can enjoy their KFC and PUBG MOBILE collaboration meal, the KFC GAMER BOX 2023 at tables designed to resemble the mobile game’s environment. The KFC GAMER BOX 2023, is composed of 1 Jr. Original Recipe Snacker, 1 Regular Shots,1 Regular Iced Tea, 1 Brownie, and PUBG Game Codes for FREE

Launching the event on October 27th, PUBG MOBILE and KFC prepared exciting events such as a show match between the public and members of the Philippines national esports team SIBOL. Five players playing against SIBOL won 2,500 worth of KFC GC and loot bags. There were also winners of 5,000, 10,000, and 15,000 worth of GC from KFC.

PUBG MOBILE enthusiasts were thrilled to meet and greet popular gaming influencers PaoLUL and Buunja, who had landed in the heart of the battle royale for a day of gaming and camaraderie. Other prominent personalities from the PUBG MOBILE community, including PAPA Kentot, Bela JOYCE, and Rochi joined in the fun as well.

KFC Bonifacio Triangle will continue to be open to the public until October 29, allowing fans and visitors to immerse themselves in the exciting world of PUBG MOBILE. The KFC Bonifacio Triangle location has been transformed into a PUBG-themed paradise, featuring in-game elements and decorations that make it a must-visit destination for PUBG MOBILE enthusiasts. 

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