In the year that’s passed since its creation, the viral Home Buddies Facebook page has evolved into a safe space for many to share home improvement hacks, bargain finds and DIY, and stories of perseverance and growth. Many members come to the page in search of inspiration or advice in the pursuit of their own dream house, and posts are always welcomed with supportive comments and helpful tips.

Despite how difficult the past year has been for each home, kapitbahays from Home Buddies continue to lift each other up through sharing their own struggles and stories of overcoming their hardships.

Only a few out of hundreds, here are some stories of our kapitbahays that are sure to inspire your next home-making journey.

Kapitbahay Grace de la Cruz-Tan’s #kwentongbahaykwentongbuhay

Photo posted by Grace de la Cruz-Tan

Grace shares a touching story of hard work and love through a series of photos that feature her late husband and the home they built together. Through the photos, she tells the story of how she and her husband took a chance on buying their own house despite being young newlyweds and the evolution of their home as time passed. In most photos is her late husband, who continued to work for their little family and their dream home –practically building the entire house from the ground up, while battling cancer.

The touching post reads like a love letter, with every corner of her home showcased a reminder of her husband’s love for her. Towards the end of the photos, Grace shares her recently finished kitchen her husband was no longer able to see, and a promise of continuing where he left off in building their dream home.

See Grace’s post here.

Irene Pineda’s #TeamKahoy dream house

Photo posted by Irene Pineda

Many in the Home Buddies group are fans of the #TeamKahoy aesthetic, and kapitbahay Irene’s home is a beautiful example of it. Irene shares in her post the transformation of a foreclosed house she and her husband purchased. The couple admits to not having started out with a lot, buying and restoring junk and scrap materials to make ends meet. When the time came for them to purchase a house, an old run-down (and stinky!) house was what was approved for them out of the many they applied for.

Despite not being excited about the property at first, prayers and a chance meeting with an architect at the couple’s church led them to the dream house they own today. Irene shares in her post how it was their faith and prayers that ultimately kept them motivated and gave them the strength to persevere in the face of hardships. 

See Irene’s post here.

The road to Rotski Bautista’s own home

He started from the bottom but now he’s here. Rotski shares in his post how he grew up taking on odd jobs left and right to help make ends meet. Photos of him as a child working at a junk shop contrast greatly to the smiling Rotski surrounded by cars and motorcycles in front of his current home. He shares with Home Buddies how he would collect and sell junk while in elementary and how their family shared just one room and ate one meal a day. Throughout his schooling, he’d buy and sell things from Divisoria or Baclaran and would work at fast-food restaurants to save money.

Even after an accident rendered him with a permanent disability, his motivation to own his own house pushed him further. Despite never finishing his schooling, Rotski’s integrity and self-discipline led him to his success. Now his family eats three meals a day, and he’s working towards the next goal of his ultimate dream house.

Photo posted by Rotski Bautista

See Rotski’s post here.

Raquel’s Tiny Home Makeover

Another type of post one would find often while scrolling through the Home Buddies group are before-and-after posts of members. One example is the transformation of Raquel Salas Necesito’s 36 sq m. home. Raquel shares how each part of her home was transformed, from exposed cinder blocks and wood to a modern minimalist home she’s proud to call her own.

Photo posted by Raquel Salas Necesito

After years of saving and with the hard work of her OFW husband, Raquel was able to make her dream a reality.

See Raquel’s post here.

Reyson’s Home Office Glow-up

Because of the current pandemic, many have been forced to turn their bedrooms or homes into their extended office. This has led to a lot of posts from kapitbahays showcasing their personalized WFH set-ups and monobloc to office chair glow-ups. Kapitbahay Reyson Lukban Imson shares how he completely transformed his space, complete with a brand new desk and chair, that even went as far as the entire wall of his room.

Photo posted by Reyson Lukban Imson

One’s WFH set-up says a lot about their personality and every set-up shared is truly one-of-a-kind. From character-themed set-ups to the popular #TeamKahoy and #TeamPuti, each space is curated and designed with love.

See Reyson’s post here.

The Home Buddies group has brought a lot of joy during the pandemic thanks to its welcoming community. It continues to inspire members to invest in their spaces, and even the most hesitant members end up sharing their stories as they’re motivated by the posts of others. During such trying times for many, the group’s uplifting spirit and kind response to kapitbahays from all walks of life is no doubt the greatest gift it has given its members in its one year.

As the group continues to welcome members into the Home Buddies virtual neighborhood, more and more stories of hope and inspiration are sure to come forth. Not a Home Buddies kapitbahay yet? Join now and be a part of the incredible Home Buddies community yourself.

Has the Home Buddies group inspired you to make a change in your home? Send your stories to Mayora at and your story might get featured next!

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