Technology is influencing the competitive landscape for businesses of all kinds and to thrive in a competitive landscape, businesses must be willing to adapt and change.

Execution PH believes that Business Innovation trends should need to transform and change into something entirely new on the regular. It’s no wonder that people never stop dreaming, and learning, searching for different ways to earn whether by putting up their own business or being an entrepreneur.

Franchise Innovation and Technology Expo (FINTEX) recognized the need for more business opportunities to people despite the ongoing pandemic. In line with this, there will be an exciting business venture that will surely bring back the industry.

This year’s FINTEX will provide a center stage for the product lines of this year’s exhibitors which will include franchise business, smart gadgets, packaging, mobile accessories, and automotive. It will focus on development and knowledge-building among its community of professionals, enthusiasts, and aspiring players alike. As such, visitors of this year’s event can expect the on-ground of the event activities such as product demonstrations that aims to provide attendees with an informative and exciting experience.

The show’s theme is “Thriving the New Normal and Business Opportunities”, it seeks to highlight the importance of being open to change as well as the value of innovation. This applies to all kinds of businesses to gain more opportunities in the industry. Followers are encouraged to watch out for their online ‘Business Innovation Talks Seminar’ or BITS and Tech review segment of chosen brands that participated at FINTEX event, these will be released on their social media page.

FINTEX bears a strong commitment to empowering the local franchise and technological industry by setting the stage for promising B2B connections marked by the innovation of various forces and bold new concepts and ideas. On the impression of FINTEX devotion to the local industry, PASALO PH Services Senior Transferal Manager Jen Pascua remarked, “For the 1st year of FINTEX, it has become a useful platform for local businesses to showcase their products and services, to create new partnerships and clients’’.

As execution wants to cultivate the potential of the Philippine franchise and technological industry. The 2nd Franchise Innovation and Technology Expo or FINTEX 2022 will be held from September 8 to 10,2022, during mall hours at the Market Market Mall in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. The Entrance is FREE. For more information, visit and follow @fintexevents on Facebook. 

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