Cleen and Green Cleaning Services, known for its professional cleaning services using eco-friendly and all-natural cleaning solutions, now has a second branch in Quezon City!

Last July, Cleen and Green opened its new branch in New Manila, right in the heart of Quezon City. This branch was made possible with Cleen and Green’s US partners Veronica “Doll” de los Santos, a Registered Nurse, and her husband Martie de los Santos, a corporate senior manager. Doll and Martie were impressed with Cleen and Green’s advocacies and sustainable business model and became part of Cleen and Green’s growing number of partners. To date, there are already 6 branches in Luzon, and there are more branches opening in the coming year.

Cleen and Green’s US partners Veronica “Doll” de los Santos, and her husband Martie de los Santos

Going strong on its second year, this once humble business was born out of innovation when the owners Mabel Amante-Villena and Papillon Villena started suffering from allergic reactions in their home in Batangas. From then on, Cleen and Green grew on to have more branches in Laguna and Cavite, impressing clients with their consistent quality of service. Cleen and Green especially wants to provide business opportunites for OFWs and their families in the Philippines. Their business aims to give OFW families a more viable means of livelihood instead of just depending on remittances.

Clean and Green utilizes plant-based, non-toxic, non-allergic, non-chemical cleaning formulations which are safe for babies, pets, the elderly, and expectant mothers. With their well-trained staff using modern cleaning technology, tools, and equipment, you can be sure that your space will be clean from floor to ceiling.

Only Cleen and Green offers cleaning services that have no time limit- this means the cleaners don’t leave unless they are really done cleaning!

With their dedication to quality service, safe cleaning methods, and advocacy for health and the family, Cleen and Green truly brings the true meaning of wellness into your home. 

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