Airport Authority Hong Kong (AAHK) is launching a global air  tickets giveaway campaign, “World of Winners”, which will offer 500,000 free  tickets in Hong Kong’s major passenger markets for travelers to visit the city and  experience its unique offerings.

Distributed in phases by Hong Kong’s three home-based airlines: Cathay Pacific  Airways, Hong Kong Express, and Hong Kong Airlines, the campaign is kicking  off in March 2023 by giving away some 135,000 tickets in Southeast Asia  markets, including the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam,  Cambodia and Indonesia. About 30,000 tickets will be given to residents in the  Philippines via the three airlines’ promotional activities starting from 3 March.  After the Southeast Asia markets, the campaign will continue in Northeast Asia,  Mainland China and other markets.

Tickets given away in the “World of Winners” campaign are all round-trip  economy-class tickets. Travelers who get the free tickets will also receive from AAHK’s business partners special offers for hotel accommodation, shopping, and  entertainment in Hong Kong.

“Hong Kong has fully opened up and we are eager to welcome visitors from  different parts of the world. Travelers visiting Hong Kong are no longer required  to have received Covid-19 vaccination, or undergo testing or quarantine upon  arrival. And from today wearing a face mask is no longer mandatory in Hong  Kong. At Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA), the terminal has been  extensively refurbished, with various new services and facilities providing  passengers a brand new airport experience,” says Vivian Cheung, Chief  Operating Officer of AAHK.

AAHK has spared no effort in improving the airport’s facilities to further enhance  passenger experience. Sky Bridge, the world’s longest airside footbridge  measuring 200-metre long, offers stunning views of the apron. The luxury  shopping zone at Terminal 1 has been renovated, housing over 40 renowned  brands and three new iconic duplex stores. Smart technologies have been  extensively applied to different aspects of the airport’s service. For example, facial  recognition technology is adopted in the entire departure process to provide  passengers a seamless and hassle-free departure journey without the need of  repeatedly producing documents for checking.

The free tickets were sponsored by AAHK in 2020 as part of a package of relief  measures for Hong Kong’s aviation industry during the pandemic. Through the  sponsorship AAHK provided liquidity support to the home-based carriers upfront,  with a plan for airlines to use the tickets for promoting traffic recovery when the  pandemic subsides.

HKIA is one of the busiest airports in the world and an international aviation hub,  connecting with over 220 destinations worldwide by over 120 airlines. HKIA is  also conveniently connected to the Greater Bay Area in Mainland China through  land and sea transports.

Details of “World of Winners” campaign can be found at

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