View from Bato ni Ning-Ning in San Vicente, Palawan

With traffic building up and gatherings being held left and right, sometimes all you’re looking for at the end of the day is some peace and quiet. Luckily, living in a versatile country like the Philippines allows for loads of options for a quick and easy getaway from urban living.

In contrast to the hustle and bustle of the city, the Philippines takes pride in its tranquil and picturesque provinces. Hidden among the bigger cities are sandy white beaches, fresh mountain trails, and crystalline bodies of water that are sure to ease your mind and settle your soul. With thousands of these gems tucked away all over the country, why not gift yourself and your loved ones a visit to one (or several) to relax and peacefully retreat to this holiday season.

The Philippines’ newest boutique airline Sunlight Air flies to various domestic hotspots daily with its fleet of ATR 72-500s. Ensuring a quality travel experience from booking to arrival, the airline is the perfect partner to fly you to your next relaxing holiday.

Check out some of Sunlight Air’s top destinations you should consider for your Christmas vacation below.

Retreat to the tranquil waters of San Vicente, Palawan

San Vicente is lesser known than tourist favorites Puerto Princesa and El Nido but the picturesque views and idyllic beaches of this municipality in Palawan, are slowly but surely capturing the hearts of more visitors.

Home to the longest white sand beach in the country and majestic coral reefs, San Vicente offers its visitors a more laid-back version of the Palawan we all know and love. With its abundance of waterfalls, mangroves, and forests, there is a plethora of activities to enjoy all around, most of which involve its trademark crystal-clear waters.

Visitors can stop by Starfish Island, wherein you can make friends with some starfish in shallow waters or go snorkeling through a 70-hectare coral reef on Naonao Beach. After basking in azure and picturesque waters, go on a trek to Bigaho Waterfalls and Pamuayan Falls, hidden against the mountains of Port Barton. Alternatively, you can also surround yourself in some greenery another way, with a Mangrove River Cruise at Inandeng River.

If you’re looking to spend your vacation exploring life’s natural wonders – set amongst breathtaking scenery and gorgeous biodiversity, then the budding destination of San Vicente is definitely the place to be this Christmas.

Heal with nature in Camiguin

Aerial drone view of a large cross marking a sunken cemetery with evening light on background volcanos on a tropical island (Camiguin, Philippines)

Sunken Cemetery at Mount Vulcan, Camiguin

The province of Camiguin is a tiny but mighty one. Recognized as the 2nd smallest province in the Philippines, this destination is jam-packed with a variety of activities and attractions any visitor would surely enjoy.

Adventure-seekers are bound to find Camiguin a very exciting province because of its various mountains and a whopping seven volcanoes (not to worry, only one is considered active and it last erupted in the 50s!). You can go on a hike up the tallest and most prominent peak, Mt. Tipoong and experience basking in its waterfalls at the base or hike up Mt. Vulcan—or the Old Volcano—and visit the awe-inspiring Sunken Cemetery.

If you’re not one for hiking up mountains, Camiguin is also home to an abundance of hot springs. To the side of the famous Hibok-hibok Volcano, you’ll find a relaxing and stunning hot spring tucked into a tropical forest. Enjoy a relaxing dip as you marvel at stunning views that look straight out of a movie.

After a long and tiring day, nothing sounds better than relaxing with nature. Take a deep, calming, breath in and book your next flight to Camiguin now. 

Lose yourself in the caves of Siargao

Nay Palad Villa in Siargao

If you’re looking for somewhere to ride the waves, Siargao is the place to go. The tiny teardrop-shaped island is located at the northeastern coast of Mindanao and is widely known as the Surfing Capital of the Philippines.

While there are many spots for surfing, visitors should not miss out on Siargao’s other natural wonders. A visit to caves like Hagukan Cave, Magkuku-ob Cave, and Crystal Cave found in Sohoton National Park are bound to be worthwhile and memorable experiences. The waters at Haguken Cave appear to be luminescent when splashed, and cliff-diving is definitely not off the menu at Magkuku-ob Cave leaving you with nothing short of a unique adventure.

If you’re really looking to get into cliff-diving, another place to visit is the Magpupungko Rock Pools. Best enjoyed during the low-tide, visitors are treated to azure waters and one-of-a-kind rock formations. In between diving off of nearby cliffs, you can also visit nearby caves surrounding the tidal pools.

Siargao is full of wonders both well-known, and well-hidden. Explore a different side of Siargao on your next visit this holiday season.

For your Christmas vacation to be successful, you’ll definitely need to travel to these destinations in comfort and style. There’s no better way to check these spots off your travel bucket list than with Sunlight Air, the newest domestic boutique airline in the Philippines. Let Sunlight Air make your holidays unique and unforgettable through its short-haul flights and special booking services that allow you to book your accommodations and transfers on top of your flights.

Treat yourself to some rest and relaxation this Christmas and #ExperienceSunlight with Sunlight Air today. Learn more about Sunlight Air’s other destinations and services or book your next flight here.

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