The suspenseful music comes to a halt. The main character and their love interest stand face-to-face–a long awaited confrontation. Tears begin to form in your eyes as they profess their undying love for one another. He leans in, she closes her eyes, you prepare to squeal your heart out when all of a sudden, the dreaded low battery alert pops on your phone.

A fleeting battery life can be very frustrating especially when it happens in the middle of doing the things you love. It cuts the excitement short, ruins the momentum and, worst of all, you have to wait at least two hours before you can pick up where you left off. But vivo is about to save you from all that trouble. vivo Y35 lets you enjoy everything you love without constantly worrying about your phone’s battery. With vivo Y35’s large battery capacity and fast charging power, you can do more and accomplish more as #QuickAsAFlash

Beat FOMO. Binge watch all you can!

Is everybody talking about that wild plot twist from the new episode while you’re still on earlier episodes of season one? Say no more to FOMO! With vivo Y35 you can enjoy uninterrupted binge watching so you can keep up with online conversations and fan theories in no time. vivo Y35 packs a 5000mAh huge battery powered by AI power saving technology. With just a single full charge you can enjoy more than 14 hours of online movie streaming. Set your video’s settings to high definition and amp up the volume and screen brightness so you won’t miss any important details, no matter how subtle, and it won’t hurt your battery at all.

Online catch-up sessions with your friends

Your friends are calling to share something interesting with the group. You’re about to answer when you notice the battery life won’t be enough to last for an hour—and you know how long these tittle-tattle sessions can get. Don’t let a drained battery keep you from catching up with your friends. vivo Y35’s 44W FastCharge can juice up your phone with sufficient battery life, which is enough to power up 414 minutes of video streaming, in just 15 minutes and reach 70 percent of battery life in only 34 minutes. With this, you can join the rest of the group just in time to catch their spicy news.

Go for the crown and be a gaming champion

With 7 hours of graphics-intensive gaming powered by vivo Y35, you can go from zero to hero and be the best gaming champion among your friends. Need to charge your phone in the middle of an intense game? You only need 15 minutes of charging time to play nine rounds of games with the 44W FastCharge. vivo Y35 also includes the vivo Energy Guardian (VEG) technology that helps optimize your phone’s power consumption, giving its battery performance a boost. On top of these features, vivo Y35 is powered with 16GB Dynamic RAM and 256GB of storage space allowing its users to download all the applications they need and swiftly switch between them for efficient multitasking activities.

Take a quick break and come back for more

When you feel like you’ve seen everything in the online world, put your phone down and go for a stretch, grab a quick drink or take a short nap to rest your eyes. When you feel like getting back to business, you can expect your vivo Y35 to stay juiced up and ready for more. A full charge can keep your phone powered and running for two days when left on standby. There’s no need to constantly check if you need to charge even when you rarely use your phone.  vivo Y35 will just be there and ready to deliver.

Don’t miss the exciting parts of life. vivo Y35 is now available for purchase at vivo official stores nationwide. It is also available at vivo’s website and official online stores at Lazada, Shopee and  TikTok.

To learn more about the vivo Y35, visit vivo’s official website, or follow them on their official social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

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