Pru Life UK’s commitment to supporting communities goes beyond financial education and inclusion. The leading life insurer also advocates health and safety protection, especially for families in need. In partnership with the Philippine Red Cross, Pru Life UK employees are engaged in blood donation drives, contributing to a safe and quality blood supply for the Filipino community.

The blood donation drive has been an integral part of Pru Life UK’s community investment programs since 2016. To date, close to 500 bags of life-saving blood have been donated by PRU employees and agents. Sustainability Changemakers, Pru Life UK’s volunteerism program, engages its people to take part in supporting communities in need.

“My younger brother needed to get immediate surgery during pandemic. Imagine the feeling of being helpless with hospitals saying no to my brother’s surgery. People experience this most of the time, so I want to help even with the simple gesture of donating blood. Since then, I’ve donated four times through Pru Life UK’s employee blood donation initiative. More than just donating, bloodletting reminds me of how fragile life is and that we should take care of our health in any way we can.” PRULifer Jonel Yulas shared following the company’s recent blood donation drive.

The activity is the first of three planned legs for the blood donation drive this 2024. Know more about Pru Life UK’s community investment initiatives at

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