PLDT Enterprise continues its commitment to empowering women as it shared insights on how women professionals can adopt a growth mindset to be well-rounded leaders of their respective organizations. 

During the third iteration of Microsoft Philippines’ Professional Development Series, titled Leading for Leaders, PLDT Enterprise Strategic Partnership & Alliances Head Fay Ocampo spoke to the participants, imparting some of the best practices in the workplace for women who aspire to make an impact and help their colleagues grow. 

PHOTO: [L-R] Cypher Learning Global EdTech Director Jen Padernal; Head of Strategic Partnerships & Alliances at PLDT Fay Ocampo; Chief Partner Officer of Microsoft Philippines Fides Ricasa

As offices transformed into a hybrid working setup, Ocampo cited her experiences which helped her become the leader that she is today. First, she noted that women should strive to prevent having the “disease to please,” especially for those who are bombarded with workloads from their bosses and superiors.

This means avoiding saying ‘yes’ to things when they wanted to say ‘no.’ Ocampo shared they can show their commitment, instead, to completing their tasks no matter how menial it is.

“In this new norm, you are either principled or not. So, my advice is to stay committed, avoid the disease to please, and do the right thing even when no one is looking,” said the PLDT strategic partnerships head. 

Ocampo also emphasized the importance of having an entrepreneurial mindset or the desire to constantly improve and grow oneself. She reminded the attendees to leave their comfort zones and constantly raise the bar to be the best they can be in all their endeavors. 

“Start looking at the 360 degrees of your work or your business, or how you can improve yourself. Try something new; utilize the online resources we have today because you can be a self-starter and self-driven even if your environment is not motivating you. Have the courage to overcome that comfort zone,” she added.

Furthermore, Ocampo stressed the importance of creating meaningful connections as she asserted that now is the time to express more care towards other people regardless of their position and title. 

“The deepest satisfaction or reward is making progress when it requires an authentic way of being honest and showing one’s empathy to someone,” Ocampo said. 

Carrying the theme “Leading for Leaders,” the said webinar was the third leg of Women at Microsoft Philippines’ Professional Development Series which seeks to empower attendees to address workplace issues faced by both men and women today.

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