Two doctors from Makati Medical Center (MakatiMed) have been recognized by the prestigious AD (Alper-Doger) Scientific Index World Scientist and University Rankings for 2024 for their academic contributions to their respective fields in the Philippines. Orthopedics specialist Czar Louie L. Gaston, MD is named the best scientist for orthopedics and traumatology including orthopedic oncology, and surgeon Catherine SC Teh, MD for general surgery that also covers hepato-pancreato-biliary (HPB) and cancer surgeries.


The AD Scientific Index is a comprehensive ranking and analysis system that evaluates the scientific performance and added value of the scientific productivity of individual scientists in 256 fields from 22,350 institutions, 218 countries, and 10 regions across the world. They are ranked through their h-index or the number of publications for which an author has been cited by other authors, and their i10 index scores, or the number of articles published by an author that has received at least 10 citations.


Unlike other ranking systems that focus on journals and universities, this index provides an insightful perspective on the accomplishments of scientists across various disciplines and regions. This also aids in assessing the long-term impact of institutional policies on scientific productivity and academic excellence.

Based on the AD Scientific Index data and methodology, Dr. Gaston is also recognized as one of the overall Top 3% Scientists in the Philippines, ranking #109. He achieved an H Index of #67 for the last 6 years and the highest total i10 index both in the present (#180) and over the last 6 years (#121), which underlines his outstanding academic performance. Dr. Gaston takes pride in securing the 12th position in the country for Medical and Health Sciences.

Dr. Teh has also earned an impressive overall rank of #230 out of 6107 in the Philippines. Her exceptional achievements also place her among the Top 3% Scientists in the country in terms of an impressive H Index for the last 6 years, ranking #138, along with the highest number of total citations in the present (#69) and over the last 6 years (#38). In the field of Medical and Health Sciences, she has secured a remarkable position at #27.

“Makati Medical Center commends Dr. Teh and Dr. Gaston for their valuable contributions to the field of medicine and their achievements in the AD Scientific Index World Scientist Rankings,” says Saturnino P. Javier, MD, MakatiMed Co-President and CEO and Medical Director. “Their dedication and expertise continue to inspire excellence within the institution and the whole community, as we always strive to provide the highest quality healthcare experience for all our stakeholders.”

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