Alpas Pinas, together with Cong. Mark Cojuangco, energy experts reinforce the need for nuclear power in PH

Stand Up for Nuclear, the world’s first global initiative advocating for the protection and expansion of nuclear energy, recently convened to discuss the Philippines’ readiness to embrace nuclear power at the SMX Aura, Taguig City.

Organizing this year’s event and the leading voice in the call to Stand Up for Nuclear was ALPAS Pinas, a non-stock, non-profit organization dedicated to promoting nuclear energy as a clean and sustainable source of power. The event aimed to illuminate nuclear power’s potential in the Philippines and underscore its advantages during these critical times.

“As advocates for nuclear energy, our mission is to effectively communicate its benefits and work toward a sustainable energy future for the Philippines. Amid the looming energy crisis, it is high time for us to realize the advantages of nuclear energy,” said Gayle Certeza, the lead convenor of ALPAS Pinas.

With the theme “Nuclear Now: Malinis, Maasahan, at Murang Kuryente para sa PINAS,” the event featured other eminent personalities in the field of nuclear energy, including Pangasinan 2nd District Representative Mark Cojuangco, a staunch advocate for nuclear energy and recipient of the American Nuclear Society (ANS) Distinguished Public Service Award.

Cojuangco also chairs the House Special Committee on Nuclear Energy and sponsors, among other solons, the House Bill No. 8218, aimed at establishing the Philippine Atomic Energy Regulatory Authority (PhilATOM) and provide for a comprehensive legal framework for radiation protection, nuclear security, safety, and safeguards in the utilization of nuclear energy in the country.

“Nuclear power offers a game-changing solution to our energy needs. It is a clean, dependable, and economically feasible energy source that can power our nation sustainably. We hope to make nuclear a part of the country’s energy mix so Filipinos can enjoy cheaper, cleaner, and more reliable electricity,” Cojuangco emphasized during the event.

Meanwhile, Mark Nelson, founder and managing director of Radiant Energy, brought his extensive experience to the table. He emphasized that “nuclear energy has proven itself as a powerful tool in the global effort to combat climate change. With its minimal greenhouse gas emissions and round-the-clock power generation, nuclear energy is an essential component of a sustainable energy portfolio. The Philippines, in particular, stands to benefit significantly by considering nuclear energy as part of its energy mix, making it a strategic resource to meet its growing energy demands.”

Angelica Oung, an accomplished energy reporter from Taiwan and founder of the Clean Energy Transition Alliance (CETA), echoed this sentiment with a focus on broader benefits.

“CETA firmly believes that embracing nuclear power can be a game-changer for the Philippines in terms of energy security and decarbonization. Beyond addressing immediate energy needs, nuclear energy can pave the way for cleaner and more resilient energy systems, ultimately reducing the country’s carbon footprint and contributing to a greener, more sustainable future,” Oung said. 

With the largest international pro-nuclear network, Stand Up for Nuclear serves as the catalyst that motivates allies and provides them with the support, resources, and skills needed to become effective leaders. When individuals participate in Stand Up for Nuclear, they become connected with others around the world. 

ALPAS Pinas is among the more than 38 independent grassroots civil society organizations participating in Stand Up for Nuclear across the globe.

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