Prestone, a proven and trusted quality brand of Auto Care fluids since 1927, honored, in a two-day culminating activity, the six ‘Anak ng Mekaniko’ scholars who triumphantly finished their college journey.

In 2018, Prestone launched the award-winning ‘Anak ng Mekaniko’ Scholarship Program to celebrate its 90th anniversary. This program aims to give back to hard-working and loyal auto mechanics in the country by providing their children with a free four-year course college education on any STI Colleges campus nationwide.

Hundreds of applicants from across the country submitted their applications and letters, which narrated how proud they are to be a son or daughter of a hard-working auto mechanic or ‘Anak ng Mekaniko.’ 

“When we started this scholarship program, our goal was to celebrate and put a spotlight on our neighborhood auto mechanics, who we consider unsung heroes who ensure our safety by helping us maintain the tip-top condition of our vehicles. As our way of celebrating their hard work, we found these deserving ‘Anak ng Mekaniko’ scholars with a fire to learn and reach their dreams. And as they embarked on their college journey these past years, they exude passion and dedication to achieve a brighter future for their parents and loved ones,” said Monique Gonzales, Marketing Manager for Southeast Asia at Clorox International Philippines, Inc.

Among the six ‘Anak ng Mekaniko’ graduating scholars include Edmajea Aguinaldo from Makati City, the first degree-holder in her family who graduated with a BS in Hospitality Management; Melver Masangkay from Batangas, the most active scholar in co-curricular activities who took up BS in Computer Engineering; Christian Diamante from Misamis Oriental, Cagayan De Oro, a consistent honor student who finished with a BS in Information Technology; and Aulinda Buban from Antipolo City, Rizal, a mommy scholar with consistent good-standing grades who finished with a BS in Information Technology. 

L-R Edmajea Aguinaldo, Anna Raiza Dela Cruz, Marites Dagdag – General Manager for Southeast Asia, Clorox International, Paolo Lao – Sales and Marketing Director, Prestone Philippines, Monique Gonzales -marketing manager for Southeast Asia at Clorox International. Melver Masangkay, Harvey Plazo, Christian Diamante, and Aulinda Buban

Meanwhile, two ‘Anak ng Mekaniko’ graduating scholars came from Camarines Sur, Bicol. Harvey Plazo, a son of an auto mechanic for 28 years, graduated cum laude with a BS in Information Technology, while Anna Raiza Dela Cruz, who, as a student, won 

two intra-school cooking and scrabble competitions graduated magna cum laude with a BS in Hospitality Management. 

“Having an auto mechanic parent, people would sometimes undermine your dreams due to financial challenges. However, with the ‘Anak ng Mekaniko’ Scholarship Program, Prestone helped my parents, especially my father, to provide me the opportunity to reach my dreams. Since then, Prestone became a second parent to us scholars, taking care of us these past years, especially amid the pandemic. I’m thankful for Prestone, and even STI Colleges, for giving us hope for our dreams,” Dela Cruz remarked.

Plazo could not agree more about how Prestone has changed their lives. “Being an ‘Anak ng Mekaniko’ scholar, Prestone treats you like a family. I promise not to waste this great opportunity given by Prestone. For me, this is one of the most memorable experiences in my life.”

Hosted by Prestone, the two-day culminating event gave the scholars a career preparation workshop to help them gear up for the corporate world and ceremonial graduation to recognize the scholars and their families. They were also given a special tour at the historical Fort Santiago, Intramuros, and Casa Manila, where they bonded and relaxed with their loved ones.

“Prestone is proud to make a difference and be a part of these smart and talented individuals’ lives. We are extremely grateful to be able to give back to some hard-working auto-mechanic parents. Prestone also appreciates STI Colleges’ dedication to helping these young individuals realize their dreams and attain a promising future for their loved ones. We will continue to root for these graduates and hope they are successful in their chosen fields in the future,” added Marites Dagdag, General Manager for Southeast Asia at Clorox International Philippines, Inc.

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