EastWest Ageas expands their portfolio offering with the launch of two new peso equity funds – Peso Active Equity and Peso High Dividend Equity. The two new funds, which are exclusive to EastWest Ageas, aim to get higher returns than the index and are suitable for investors looking for more long-term opportunities beyond 10 years. They are great choices for people who believe they deserve more out of their investments and are looking to play the long game.  

Why choose the Peso High Dividend Equity?  

For investors looking for a fund that is focused on reinvested dividends and price appreciation, the Peso High Dividend Equity is the right fit. It is a portfolio of stocks only with regular dividends. Its fund risk profile is more aggressive versus the current Philippine Stock Exchange Index (PSEi) tracker fund.  

Why choose Peso Active Equity Fund? 

The Peso Active Equity is a solid option for investors. The fund can be invested in several stocks across all industries. As such, it is aggressive with higher risk appetite than PSEi Tracker Funds thus with higher potential returns. However, its portfolio is focused on price appreciation. It’s a good option for someone who’s willing to take on financial risks in exchange for potentially higher returns.  

Your investment growth story begins with a choice, and EastWest Ageas has two new fund options for its Variable life solutions. Whatever the choice may be, investors are assured that with EastWest Ageas, your better tomorrows can begin today.  

Interested investors can check out these two new products from EastWest Ageas’ Peso VUL products. Schedule a call with our Financial Advisor and Consultants at +632.893.93924 or send an email to AskMe@ewageas.com.ph.  

EastWest Ageas Insurance is the insurance provider of choice for your needs. It combines the financial strength of EastWest, which has nearly 30 years of local banking experience, and Ageas, a global insurer with a nearly 200-year history. Learn more about how EastWest Ageas Insurance can help you live your best life right now. Visit their website at ewageas.com.ph or follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn. And to get your tomorrow started right away, call them at +632.893.93924 or email them at AskMe@ewageas.com.ph

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