In the realm of higher education, making the right choice isn’t merely an option—it’s a gateway to a world of endless possibilities. AMA Education System (AMAES) stands firm on this belief, consistently guiding students to rise above and beyond in their respective fields, no matter where they are in the world.

Among the many success stories is that of Lorenzo Joaquin T. Andres, a determined computer science enthusiast from AMA Makati. Today, Lorenzo is honing his skills with a Bachelor of Information Technology at KOI, spurred by his earnest aspiration to provide a better life for his family. “The 2+2 pathway at AMAES-KOI is not just a study program—it’s a beacon of hope that allows me to work, study, and eventually, relocate my family to Australia,” Lorenzo asserts.

This transformative platform emerges from the synergistic alliance between AMAES and Australia’s King’s Own Institute (KOI), mapping a route for students to study, work, and ultimately make Australia their home. A standout feature of this collaboration is the 2+2 Pathway Program. It extends to AMA students and alumni who’ve spent at least two years at AMAES, offering them a chance to earn Australian residency post two years of KOI education. This trailblazing program promises elevated income potential, superior living standards, and a secure future for students and their families in Australia.

Take the case of Kimberly Grace Montemayor, an ambitious industrial engineer using this gateway to augment her capabilities. At just 23, Kimberly has accomplished much, starting from her Senior High school at AMA Tarlac to graduating from a state university in Industrial Engineering. “This alliance allowed me to blend my engineering expertise with professional accounting, amplifying my potential on a global scale,” reflects Kimberly.

Then there’s Frank Anthony Vistro, a BSBA Marketing graduate from AMA Fairview, who found his calling in finance through the AMAES-KOI partnership. “The application process was seamless, faster than I imagined, and led me to a future I had only dreamt of,” Frank shares.

The benefits of the AMAES-KOI partnership are manifold, granting access to globally acknowledged Australian education, opportunities to work while studying, and immersion in a multicultural environment. More than a degree, it’s a journey of personal and professional metamorphosis.

Consider Princess Mae Donayre, a driven entrepreneur from ABE International Business College. “Transitioning from a local business to a Bachelor of Business at KOI is a bold step, but it’s a challenge I’m prepared for,” Princess states. Her relentless pursuit of success and providing for her family attests to the life-changing potential of this partnership.

Meet Paul Stephen Marmol, a gaming aficionado guided by his immense passion. “The decision to study at KOI was effortless,” Paul explains. “Their established record of delivering superior education, experienced faculty, and affordable tuition drew me in. And being part of their expanding Filipino community feels like home.” Despite shifting from Arts and Design to BSIT, Paul saw the rising demand for IT professionals, especially in gaming, as an opportunity to build his own niche. “Studying at KOI gives me access to a diverse network and a platform to achieve my dream of becoming a game developer,” Paul adds, looking forward to harnessing the latest IT trends through his KOI education.

At AMAES, students are not just learners, but the leaders of tomorrow. Committed to cultivating their talents and equipping them with the skills and knowledge to influence their communities and the world. Dante A. Calvan Jr., from the modest town of Pagudpud, is an exemplar. His shift from a local government role to studying a Master of Professional Accounting at KOI is more than personal growth. “It’s about leading by example, showing my community that reaching for their dreams is entirely possible,” Dante adds.

The AMAES-KOI partnership is your gateway to excellence, a launchpad for your dreams, and a passport to transcending global boundaries. With AMA, you’re not just making a choice, you’re investing in a future of distinction and success.

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Your voyage towards a brighter future is merely a click away. Seize the opportunity to study, work, and settle in Australia with AMAES and KOI. Take that first step today.

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