Trevs Jasa often travels to different parts of the country for his work. But he’s always excited to come home to his condominium unit in SMDC’s Sun Residences in Quezon City. 


“The location, helpful and kind staff, and the community here give me a peaceful respite. SMDC is a perfect home for the good guys!” quips SMDC Sun Residences homeowner Trevs Jasa.

Trevs, 28, is in the business of empowering women entrepreneurs. As a sales training manager of a cosmetics and skincare brand, he provides top-notch business skills training by putting his best foot forward every day. “I want to give them only the best service. To do that, I ensure that I have a balanced life and career.”

Sales training manager Trevs Jasa travels often, but he always looks forward to coming home to SMDC’s Sun Residences.

His day starts with a cup of hot chocolate, looking over his balcony at SMDC’s Sun Residences and contemplating, then going to the gym or for a jog in the pathways.  He works from 9 AM to 6 PM. In the evening,  he winds down with Netflix or a swim in the Olympic-sized pools of SMDC.

His favorite amenities are the pool and gym, where he keeps fit and enjoys an active lifestyle.

“What I love about living here is that I am at the center of everything. This property is very accessible and the location is perfect for my lifestyle,” added Trevs. “I am thankful to have a home that is stress-free, cozy, and has lots of amenities where I can release my stress and just be free. Being here at SMDC helps in a way to achieve work-life balance which is important for me as a sales trainer.” 

The sales trainer often visits Pampanga, La Union, Rizal, and other areas in Luzon where he trains women communities to become expert entrepreneurs. He is an advocate of women empowerment, which he can fulfill by equipping them with the right skills and tools to succeed in the business.

“I used to work in the real estate industry for five years. I am currently working as a Division Training Manager and I think this is the most fulfilling job that I’ve had because I get to train and inspire people, empower women, and give them opportunities to earn and have a great life,” he shared.

Trevs added that his favorite areas in his community are the pool area and the gym, where he’s able to stay fit and enjoy an active lifestyle. “We have the best amenities here so what more could I ask for? With the location, the helpful and kind staff, the community itself, and the peaceful respite it gives, I can say that SMDC is a perfect home for the good guys!” he closed.

The amenities of SMDC Sun Residences help him have perfect balance of work and life.

SMDC’s Sun Residences is one of the notable residential properties of SM Development Corporation, the country’s fastest-growing real estate company. In its pursuit to provide Filipinos an integrated lifestyle, SMDC ensures to build properties within commercial retail environments with quality amenities and top-notch services. SMDC properties are strategically located in Metro Manila, particularly near the country’s lifestyle and business districts such as in Quezon City, Makati, Manila, Pasay, Pasig, Taguig, and Paranaque, as well as in developing provinces including Tagaytay, Laguna, Bulacan, and Davao City.

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