You know it in yourself that you want that person back. It isn’t easy living being haunted by that person’s shadows and you can’t seem to find your way out from under them. That’s the overall feel of Timmy Albert’s melancholic single “Best Mistake.” 

This piano-driven track is for those who still can’t find comfort and are desperate to rewind time and do things differently. Perhaps a part of you died along with the memories of that person. Likewise, a part of you still dwells to the idea that there could still be closure, but the truth is everything’s between you are now nothing more but a memory. (WATCH OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO HERE)

Minutes before the release of the song, Timmy has been beckoning followers to support it via his Single Salubong party via IG live. “I put a lot into this new song, hope the world likes it lots,” he shares. 

“Best Mistake” is now out on all digital platforms under Universal Records Philippines and is part of New Music Friday Philippines playlist on Spotify.

Stream “Best Mistake”:

Spotify Lyric Video Audio Clip

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