After releasing her much-anticipated single “nevermind” a few weeks ago, young singer-songwriter TALA, now officially known as Tala Gil has finally dropped her latest EP called “call me when you wake up”.

The brand new six-track record follows her 2018 self-titled EP and confidently unfurls broader horizons of her artistry. “call me when you wake up” took nearly a year and a half to complete and takes pride in its dreamy production as Tala Gil takes inspiration from articles on space, movies about timing, love, and loss, as well as her own intimate, personal experiences with the people around her.

Generally, she was inspired by how some relationships feel unreal, like the in-between space between dream and reality.

Along with “nevermind”, the EP features her previous singles “i think i’m dreaming”, “lucky!”, “24”, along with “Sandcastles” and “Home Again” as two brand new songs.

“It’s been years since I’ve released an EP, and I put a lot of my personal feelings into these tracks. I hope that people who listen to this project feel like I am there with them, oversharing stories and hopefully helping them feel like I am somebody they can relate to,” Tala Gil shares.

Both her longtime followers and new listeners who dwell outside her genre can expect an intimate glimpse of her stellar storytelling prowess and captivating vocal melodies filled with synths, electric guitars, and ambient samples in this new offering.

Tala Gil joined forces with asch on “lucky!”, vintageboy on “i think i’m dreaming”, and fern. on the rest of the EP’s tracks – “Sandcastles”, Home Again”, 24, and “nevermind”. Likewise, she teamed up with Una Gil in crafting the splendid “lucky!”, “i think i’m dreaming”, “24”, and “nevermind”, cover artworks. Furthermore, Sofia Jahrling (stylist) Aria Ortega (hair and make-up) and El Manileño (photographer) aided her in making her EP cover art possible.

Alongside with the EP’s arrival is the premiere of the official visualizer of “nevermind”, out now on Universal Records PH’s official YouTube channel.

Without a doubt, this new EP not just shows the inner workings of her mind, experiences, and relationships. It showcases her further progression as an artist as well.

call me when you wake up” EP is now available on streaming platforms Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Deezer. It is also available in digital stories worldwide under Universal Records.

TALA GIL wants you to enjoy her new EP! Get to know more about the “call me when you wake up” tracks in this aesthetically pleasing site that Tala Gil designed herself HERE!(Open the link on a desktop or laptop for the best experience and to browse sneak peeks of her songs!)Stream “call me when you wake up” EP

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