Catch ‘THE ONE’ – the latest song of multi-talented artist NICOLE LAUREL ASENSIO co-written with upcoming band BASICALLY SATURDAY NIGHT as a result of a collaboration process in creating music together for the first time.

“The One” brings the old soul flavour into present times. A combination of Basically Saturday Night’s signature rhythm, silken guitar licks and their lead singer Migie Garcia’s deep smoky vocals, mixed with Nicole Laurel Asensio’s sultry yet powerful and unique tone and prowess in blending rock and jazz genres as well as beautiful embellishments from her formidable horn section.

The original composition is a simple expression between two people who have shed their uncertainties and given themselves entirely to their one true love. The message of the song intends for people to continue seeking, cherishing and living for their own interpretation of “The One”.


“I first heard Basically Saturday Night’s music because our head A&R at Warner Music, Kelley Mangahas and I were on a video call and he told me, “Nicole, there’s a band that I really think you might have a good time writing with, let’s see if you guys can collaborate.” Earlier in the call, I had expressed how I was longing to work with more musicians and grow more as a singer-songwriter. I heard their music and immediately added it to my listening playlist. Days later, Kelley me and the band were in communication setting up our first jam. The jam was in their drummer Faisal’s house which they have nicknamed “The Lab” I walked in there not knowing what to expect especially because they all knew each other very well and I was the stranger walking into their creative bubble. But as soon as we started free-jamming, the rhythms, melodies and impromptu lyrics were spouting out from every corner of the lab. I knew this first time was something special. It just felt natural. Even if I am now a solo artist, I understand the band culture very well, I still like to write like a band player, collaboratively. it was a culture that I guess I was secretly craving too and being around these immensely talented gentlemen eased that longing. within the second hour we had written our first song.” Nicole Asensio Laurel


“It was instant chemistry! I think this stemmed from having shared the same reverence for soul, jazz, and blues artists, which made it much easier to find common ground. It was definitely a learning experience for the band to come into a session with a highly experienced musician like Nicole – I think it forced us to try and play at our very best. I think that both Basically Saturday Night and Nicole have a shared appreciation for the greats that have come before us, as well as the modern artists who pay tribute to the greats that came before them. Having that common ground made it easier to decide what might work for our collaboration. It just felt like good energy was traveling throughout the session.”Junoy Manalo (Guitarist, Basically Saturday Night)


“During a break in our first session, Nicole suggested that we go for a slow and groovy vibe. I started out on a chord melody with Jairus (Keyboard), Kurt (Bass) and Faisal (Drums) jumped in. Nicole started improvising some lyrics and melodies. Migie came back into the session and within minutes, most of the song had already been ironed out.” – Junoy Manalo

“We had just finished writing our first song and the boys were noodling through some riffs. I had this melody in my head that simply wouldn’t leave… Junoy played that first chord progression of the verse, and it all clicked! it fell together very easily. We got up to the chorus idea when Migie who was enjoying a fine cigar outside came back in with a smile and dove straight into the the second verse with his soulful touch. I like singing with him, I like the nuances. Smoke and velvet. We revisited the song another day to polish a few things and work on the voicing. Once done, shared a wonderful meal together and booked our recording session in Wildgrass Studio. To further the collaborative spirit, it was on my wish list to have my go-to horn section on this track, I asked Lester Sorilla (trumpet) to write a horns arrangement for the boys to check out and see how they felt. Migie had also expressed to me that having horns join them was definitely on their wish list too. There was so much love in wildgrass studio on recording day the smiles on everyone’s faces was proof that Kelley knew exactly what he was doing when he matched us up on this musical blind date.” – Nicole Asensio


“Modern soul music. “The One” has beautiful vocal melodies that represent Nicole’s love for modern soul singers like Emily King, it has sonic textures that tip the hat to Mayer’s “Continuum” album, and it also weaves together the group’s love for soul music from the past.” – Junoy Manalo 


“It goes without saying this collaboration is the first of many down the line! This collaboration has brought about an almost familial aspect to it, and there’s no telling how many more songs can be churned out in the future.” – Basically Saturday Night

“I will forever remain grateful for opportunities to collaborate with great artists and continue to learn. Working with Basically Saturday Night, their manager, Rem, this production, my horn section and Warner Music has been such an enjoyable experience, we’re like musical family now, and I doubt it will be our last project together. For the rest of 2022, a collection of more original compositions are set to be released. I am also excited to continue ventures in film and concerts.” – Nicole Asensio

The One is set to be released on all digital platforms on February 11, 2022 under Warner Music Philippines. The music video directed by award winning director Gorio Vicuna will be released by the end of February 2022.

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