Families are often remembered for legacies and trademark talent or skills that they are well known for. And the Alejandros are no exceptions.

Come December 9, 2022, the father and daughter singing tandem, Hajji and Rachel Alejandro, will hold their pre-Christmas concert entitled Mana-Mana Lang at the Winford Hotel and Casino Ballroom. According to Hajji, it gives him pride to perform with his daughter Rachel. Rachel, in turn, says she loves performing with her dad. Hajji, on the other hand, has fond memories of Rachel that he loves to reminisce about.

The forthcoming concert, indeed is a family affair. Hajji’s son and Rachel’s brother Ali joins them as the musical director. Their back-up band is Mojofly where it’s lead vocalist Lougee, happens to be Ali’s wife.

To cap the familial setting, Rox Puno, who happens to be the son of the late legendary Macho Guapito singer, Rico Puno, joins the show as a featured guest. Rico Puno was a contemporary of Hajji. Rox will perform some of his father’s hits.

The show, to be directed by Vergel Sto. Domingo, is sure to be a wonderful pre-Christmas outing for fans and families looking for a good way to start the Season.

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