Whether for fashion or for home interior choices, color plays an essential role in expressing one’s unique personal style or mood. With this in mind, American Standard has recently introduced three new color fittings to complement the varying styles and needs of consumers so that they can create a bathroom that is truly their own.

For instance, if you’re aiming to create a warm and bright ambience, the Polished Cool Sunrise can help achieve that. Its bright gold polish with a glossy finish can be paired with neutral-tone accessories to add a touch of color and timeless beauty to your space. 

To create a tranquil or modern minimalist look, the Brushed Hard Graphite is the ideal shade as it adds a rich grey hue and textured finish to your bathroom. Pairing it with earth tones will create a zen-like space or complementing it with exposed statement pipes or raw accessories will create a more industrial look.

Lastly, the rugged all-black texture of Matte Black is the perfect shade for creating a bold statement to your bathroom. This shade will leave a lasting impression, especially when you accessorize it with different textures or neutral tone installations and accessories.

All three colors are available in various American Standard products so you can elevate your bathroom in various ways: the clean lines of Acacia Evolution faucets will easily upgrade your bathroom into a modern and minimalistic look. These faucets also feature innovative technologies such as EcoStart that releases cold water instead of warm water upon lifting the lever, saving you up to 30% of precious energy as it prevents the boiler from heating up. Move the lever to the left to get hot water. The ClickMove allows better water volume control to help save water, while the ComfortMove provides smooth handle performance for optimal precision and comfort.

Meanwhile, elevate your showering experience with the EasySet Auto Temperature Mixers are available in Concealed and Exposed variants. It features the ThermoComfort technology where, with just a simple push of a button, your ideal water volume and temperature remain constant. Meanwhile, the ThermoSafe technology caps water temperature to 49° Celsius and shuts off when the cold water supply fails to prevent users, especially the young and elderly, from scalding. As an added precaution, the product also features the CoolShield to ensure the faucet body is always cool to the touch to prevent any instances of scalding when comes into contact. 

So if you’re a young family looking to build a new home or an older couple who wants to update your outdated bathroom, you can have the freedom to express your style with the three new color fittings from American Standard.

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