The largest homebuilder in the Philippines is now making waves online, as they enjoy selling things we all need to complete our house, all the design and concept you can think of, they all have it.

All Home started wayback 2013, and from then on it became a staple name for Filipino households, making it a trusted companion for all engineers, contractors, suppliers, architects, interior designers, and homeowners that all they want is quality and best services.

As life continues during pandemic, we must not forget to still decorate our house, change its theme depending on season, and upgrade to what is latest in home building.

We list 5 picks or finds that All Home offers thru their website, wherein you can purchase it and have it deliver on your doorsteps. The said listing is based on what we think, we all need from time to time, to make our house a home.

  1. Salem + Orlando + Colorado + Ditta Bedframe package.
    Yee we love beds, of course it is the most lovable portion of our house where we calm and surrender, but having new bed with outstanding design is a big factor to our sleep. Like this Salem package.

We chose this because of its respect to space, if you have limited location for your bedroom, this one is for grabs, with cute drawer underneath, it is truly saving a space in your sleep abode.

Price : P22,795.

  1. KREATIV Xaviell Multipurpose Cabinet
    Admit it, Drawers and cabinet is for us the most impprtant part of any house, this is where our valuable things and our day to day dresses, having a good cabinet is a heaven to many of us.

This multi purpose cabinet catch our attention, its laminated black and oak materials is such a stylish finds, it is refreshing to see in our room, for ur its perfect for anyone looking for upgrade.

Price : P8,595.

  1. Standing Mirror Bolin
    Another important piece in our house is the mirror, this is where the day started before going out of our home, looking through it gives us confident that we needed for the day.

This bolin design is so simple, with its stand you can move it from one place to another, it gives you the outlook of yourself in a whole picture, truly a great decision to order it right away.

Price : P3,499.75

4. Stanley Box Set
Tools should not be neglected in every home, this is where all the DIY ideas keeps pourin in every repair we needed to do right away.

We sometimes buy a lot of tools, but having a place where we keep it is a great relief, it will give peace of mind to locate a screw driver and hammer, in just one box, and this is a perfect choice to have it all.

Price: P2,269.75

  1. Live Art Space Call Office package
    As we continue to survive in this pandemic, and with the evolution of working from home set up, it is a must to have that office chair and table setting in your home.

Whether adjusting to new normal, this choice of table and chair is a great find at All Home, a perfect one to do all your task and to beat all the deadlines. Go get one of this today and have it set up right in your best spot of comfort inside your home.

Price: P6,995.

Go check for more selections today and place your order. All Home has 52 branches nationwide.

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