In the past, or even in the real situation let’s admit that we have so much time, time to listen to ourselves and analyze what is going on, can we be safe or what if I get infected? Those channels in our mind somehow stress us, many of us are affected, some lost their jobs, while many also find alternative livelihood such as live selling or venturing into agriculture.

But those free time and spaces remain vacant for more opportunity, it is a sleepless night and a lot of thinking, and most of the time we are hook to our mobile phones and laptop checking latest and updates. And we need to break once in a while, and that break could be playing using your keyboard, aside from the games in your mobile phones, it is relaxing to try some games online thru websites via desktop or laptop.

We recently find this site that offers many memorable games, games that all ages can relate because these are fun and very much relatable, in a sense that we grow up playing this from your game boy and slot machine of yesteryears.

We list down our three favorites from this site, and believe us it really grow back the kid inside us making our day refreshing, and ignite good vibes. Below are the games we recommend and you shouldn’t miss playing over and over again.

Brick Out

This is fun promise, it’s a combination of brick games we love pressing buttons left right and down and up, and hola you made it to the next level.  Just be alert in breaking those brick and what comes down, yes it is easy to learn and manage but you have to secure your points.

The Sorcerer

So this is so far where our stars should go, an old favorites of inspired from Zuma that many of us installed in our PC and Laptop before, crashing those balls and diamonds before it reach the hole and will end your life in the game.

Active watching those colors and combining them to crush is fun, it creates excitement until nothing is left and you can shout loudly, yehey I made it.

Fight Virus

Since this is the pandemic game posted in this site, we try Fight Virus and we are surprise how exciting this game, killing viruses is like owning it and making a statement. The fun here is not only killing the virus, but you also monitor the recovery of your patient, so full attention is needed to help kill the unseen enemy, I mean the virus.

Plays Org Goodness

One user friendly we love in this site is that it didn’t require you create account or log in, and no need to install some software in order for the game to run in your PC, no need to upgrade also some drivers to run the game smoothly.

Everything is in the site, but it keep your status standing whenever you resume playing. No bugs or unnecessary sites that pop up and will lead you to another site or link, yes it is safe we guarantee that.

If you would want to check out more games just like we did, please click here.

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