Just in time for Andres Bonifacio day, the latest Filipino film to hit the town is based on Bonifacio’s Katipuneros, the resistance group aims to free the motherland from invaders, who just not stole the country’s wealth, but its identity as well. 

We’ve seen that in this movie Katips, a film by Philstagers Films who started as a theater company, and now venturing into various multimedia platforms. Directed by no other than Vincent M. Tañada, the founder of the Philippine Stagers Foundation theater group and was once called the bad boy of the Philippine theater. 

Lead actor Jerome Ponce and writer/director of KATIPS Vincent Tañada

His latest film KATIPS is a former theater musical way back 2016, mostly staged in different state universities in the country, it is a youthful story of resistance against a dictator government, the abusive way to silence the freedom fighter for personal gain. 

Set up in the darkest era of Martial law, Katips gather promising youth who need to make a stand against a government who don’t value peace, and they call themselves “Ang Mga Bagong Katipuneros” 

Lead actors of Katips, Jerome Ponce and Nicole Laurel Asensio

Katips join the few roster of full Filipino musical movie, making it more colorful and indeed vibrant to see even though it was set in black draft, a political period where no voice can be heard, but only to those who are in power. 

The film well supported with great cast, but it is very clear that the lead actor Jerome Ponce give justice to his character, while newbie actress Nicole Laurel deliver a promising performance, Director Tañada who also acted in the movie is remarkable in the last brutal scene, that you want to stand and clap for more. Another stagers actor who made a mark in this movie is John Rey Rivas, truly he is a gem to keep with his surprise debut from BL series up to the expectation for Katips. Also in the film are award winning, veteran actors Ms. Dexter Doria and Mr. Mon Confiado.

Carla Lim and John Rey Rivas
Joshua Bulot and Vean Olmedo

award winning veteran actors Ms. Dexter Doria and Mr. Mon Confiado

Pipo Cifra music is well appreciated in this, it is a masterpiece indeed.

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