Summer is here; time again to flaunt those ripped abs, sexy curves, and a perfect, summer skin!

And yes, VINE AESTHETICS has got you covered; with the introduction of their new and specialized treatments that can help you achieve that beach-ready body. From toned abs to smoother, wrinkle-free skin to even a lighter shade to your nether regions, VINE AESTHETICS has got it all for you! 

VINE SCULPT & MESO LIPO THERAPY for Toned, Sculpted look.

This evolutionary fat loss treatment specifically targets preferred areas to help reveal that rock-hard abs and the perfect treatment to lose stubborn fat such as midsection or your arms. Vine Sculpt gives you awesome results with minimal downtime. Achieve a tightened and firmer look in your target areas while reducing cellulite, with Meso Lipo Therapy and get a more toned and youthful look.

EXILIS: Anti-aging, Loose-skin reducing.

This non-invasive treatment promises fast results for reducing wrinkles and saggy bags, all while reducing fat in your target areas. Exilis is perfect for those who want to rejuvenate their skin and reduce the signs of aging, without going under the knife or other invasive procedures.

TRISHAPER, the All-In-One Treatment.

Tone and slim your preferred areas down and discover how to get a summer body, with Trishaper. This revolutionary three-in-one LipoCavitation treatment is perfect for anyone who wants to achieve their desired body shape without surgery or downtime.

INTIMATE SKIN – Whitening for some Discreet Enhancement.

Give your private region an oomph! With this safe and effective lightening treatment, you can lessen dark areas and achieve a lighter shade in your intimate area. VINE AESTHETICSIntimate Skin is safe without the use of traditional, harsh chemicals. 

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