Shell Pilipinas and the National Museum of the Philippines opened its first-ever Shell National Students Art Competition Exhibit entitled, ‘Onwards and Upwards: Revelations on Filipino Resilience and Excellence through Shell National Students Art Competition Artworks,’ showcasing the work of winners from 2020 to 2023. L-R: Serge Bernal Jr., Vice President for Corporate Relations, Shell Pilipinas; Lorelie Quiambao-Osial, President and CEO, Shell Pilipinas; Jeremy Barns, Director General, National Museum of the Philippines; Jorell Legaspi, Deputy Director General, National Museum of the Philippines.

For over 110 years, Shell Pilipinas Corporation (SPC) has stood alongside Filipinos, witnessing their triumphs and challenges, while powering progress and moving the Philippines forward. This commitment extends beyond providing more and cleaner energy solutions, reaching into the heart of the nation’s cultural fabric through the Shell National Students Art Competition (Shell NSAC), which officially celebrates its 57th year in 2024.

This year, under the inspiring theme “’Lika na, Likha pa ng Obra,” Shell NSAC celebrates the continuous journey towards progress, acknowledging past achievements while recognizing the ongoing pursuit of a brighter future. Shell NSAC is not just about creating beautiful works; it’s about harnessing the Filipino spirit of resilience, determination, and collaboration to drive positive change and transformation.

Shell Pilipinas President and CEO Lorelie Quiambao-Osial articulated the significance of this year’s theme and venue since Shell Pilipinas opened its first-ever exhibit at the National Museum last February 26. Quiambao-Osial said, “This opportunity is not merely symbolic but deeply meaningful for all of us. These walls speak volumes. They resonate with the stories of our ancestors, showcasing the evolution of our Filipino arts and Filipino culture through centuries. It is a powerful validation of the contributions of our young artists, and to recognize that their art belongs to the tapestry of our national legacy.”

Winners of the Shell NSAC from 2020 to 2023.

Quiambao-Osial stressed that although times are changing and art is evolving, evident in the addition of various categories to the Shell NSAC over the years, Shell Pilipinas’ commitment to nurturing young artists remains unwavering. “Our mission for Shell NSAC remains resolute: to recognize young talent, nurture creativity, challenge the youth and students to push boundaries and collaborate in creating masterpieces. It is about preserving our rich cultural heritage and ensuring that it endures and it remains vibrant to young artists’ artistic lens,” she said.

The Shell NSAC artworks at the National Museum

This year’s exhibit features artworks from Shell NSAC winners in the last four years. With the theme, “Onwards and Upwards: Revelations on Filipino Resilience and Excellence through Shell National Students Art Competition Artworks,” the exhibit showcases the dynamic evolution of the artworks from 2020 to 2023, reflecting the resilience, vision, and cultural richness of the Filipino youth.

From the hopefulness of 2020 that echoed through artworks amidst global uncertainty, to the vibrant self-assuredness of 2023’s Filipino brilliance, this exhibit traces a four-year journey of artistic evolution.

The exhibit is open to the public for six months from February 27 until August 25, 2024. 

Shell NSAC Art Masters at the 57th Shell NSAC Launch at the National Museum of the Philippines

110 Years of Shell Pilipinas, 57 Years of Commitment to Arts

Shell NSAC stands as a symbol of Shell Pilipinas’ dedication to democratizing art and supporting the next generation of Filipino artists. Through the years, Shell NSAC has evolved into a dynamic platform where budding talents from across the Philippines showcase their creativity and celebrate their unique cultural identities.

Recognizing Shell NSAC’s long list of renowned alumni artists, National Museum Director-General Jeremy Barns underscored that the museum’s goal, “to be a living expression of human ingenuity and imagination,” aligns with Shell NSAC’s commitment to serving as “a driving force of inspiration for emerging artists across the Philippines.”

Barns also acknowledged Shell Pilipinas’ legacy of honoring “the deep-rooted Filipino artistry that continues to shape our nation’s cultural landscape” through the yearly student art competition. He also encouraged student artists to “embrace the opportunity [of participating in NSAC] with confidence and openness.”

Leaving a Mark: Contributing to the Legacy of Filipino Art Through the Shell NSAC

With categories spanning various artistic disciplines, including painting, sculpture, and digital art, Shell NSAC offers young artists a platform to express their creativity and celebrate Filipino culture.

“We encourage students from all corners of the Philippines to join us in this celebration of art and culture,” said Shell Pilipinas Vice President of Corporate Relations, Serge Bernal. “Shell NSAC is not just a competition; it’s a journey of self-discovery and artistic exploration. We look forward to seeing the diverse talents and stories that will emerge from this year’s entries.”

Entries for the 57th Shell National Students Art Competition are now open, with submission guidelines available on the official Shell Philippines website. The deadline for submissions is September 25, 2024, and winners will be announced at a special awards ceremony later this year.

For more information about the Shell National Students Art Competition and to submit entries, please visit


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