Artist and musician Marcus Adoro joins the NFT metaverse with the release of Punk Zappa NFTs last June 23, 2022.

Eraserheads guitarist Marcus Adoro launched the Punk Zappa NFT Gallery “The Art of Marcus Adoro” last June 23. The NFT event was held at Tago Jazz Bar in Quezon City.  

Adoro, who also goes by the name Punk Zappa, ventured into the analog-meets-digital realm by transforming his paintings into one-of-a-kind digital collectible NFTs. His famous artworks were showcased in the NFT launch, such as that of the Abbey Road-inspired Eheads paintings.

The first 20 pieces that were dropped are digitized versions of the Eheads calendar sets that Adoro released earlier this year.

“This NFT collection is based on an oil painting na kasama sa series called Eheads Cover Versions. Eheads Cover Versions are works on paper from the Esquire Magazine where these guys appear as cover. Somebody suggested I draw something and so I did that and someone wanted a copy so…and then the pandemic hit and then…yeah this basically helped me survive the pandemic. Emotionally, economically, physically, horizontally… joke lang,” says Marcus.

NFT collectors, experts, and those who wanted to venture into NFTs attended the event.  They had the chance to get first dibs and purchase Punk Zappa Eheads digital collectible artworks ranging from .188 to .388 Ethereum, the cryptocurrency used to purchase NFTs. They also earned exclusive access to limited-edition perks and merchandise. 

The team behind the project ensures that buyers will get their money’s worth through exclusive merchandise, benefits, and utilities. Owners of Punk Zappa NFTs will never have to look for a place to stay in La Union as Marcus himself has offered his home to accommodate them. They will be treated like family, or ZAPPAMILYA. Rooms can be booked through the website via the “Sakubo” feature.

Another benefit is the free surf sessions from the celebrity himself in any ocean around the world where Marcus Adoro happens to be, whether in La Union, Baler, or California. Terms and conditions apply. 

To see more of Punk Zappa’s NFT collection, go to

Punk Zappa NFT Art gallery is a project of GIGILx, the metaverse affiliate of GIGIL, an independent ad agency.

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