Have a glimpse of the insect that started everything: 

a new and chaotic life of the Salangsang family. 

Grenda Salangsang was once a call center agent and the family’s breadwinner until she grew more legs than what we expect of humans. 

She grew in size — her image far from normal, far from acceptable. Grenda, who was once a daughter, is now an insect. 

Why was she given this new life as an insect? 

How did it happen? 

Until when will her and her family run away from the reality that slowly eats away the life they once knew?

Walang Biro sa Banyuhay is a thesis collaboration between UP Dulaang Laboratoryo and Ateneo Fine Arts. The creative thesis production features Technical Theatre and Design majors: Rio Fermo and Daphene Giga, and Performance majors: Pia Ysobel Cruz, Max Aragon, and Juan Miguel Gasgonia. Also featured as a cast member is Shof Galagate, a UP theatre arts student.

Missy Maramara and Raflesia Bravo’s direction, with Imuthis’ imagination through his adaptation of Franz Kafka’s “The Metamorphosis”, creates a new yet familiar world that touches on Filipino family culture yet remains true to the isolation and alienation that we once felt from Kafka’s piece. 

Are you ready to witness a human’s metamorphosis? 

Join us on May 11 – 7 PM and May 12 – 3 PM & 7 PM at Teatro Hermogenes Ylagan (THY), Pavilion III, Palma Hall, University of the Philippines Diliman.


Reservation: bit.ly/BANYUHAYreservation

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