A recent AXA study uncovered the greater challenges that women face in hitting the peak of good mental health. The findings showed 57% of Filipino women are less happy and 21% are less likely to flourish compared to men. Overall, 76% of women also have lower life satisfaction than men. The study was conducted to measure mental well-being worldwide, identify why some people are struggling, and look at what individuals, healthcare professionals, and policymakers can do to promote the best possible mental health.

The recent findings fuel AXA’s greater desire to amplify its ongoing efforts and its global campaign dedicated to women’s well-being. Currently, AXA offers comprehensive healthcare and critical illness plans that also include mental health counseling from licensed psychologists through its partner, Mind You.

AXA Philippines Chief Marketing Officer Nandy Villar shares the significance of the study in protecting what matters most to Filipino women. He explains, “The AXA Mind Health Study allows us to stay attuned to the current state of individuals’ mental well-being. By putting the spotlight on women-specific findings, we reinforce the need to address the unique challenges faced by women in achieving optimal mental health and overall wellness.”

AXA has built a longstanding reputation of dedicating time and resources to programs that protect women and their successes – both in personal and professional lives. Leveraging local-specific insights is also integral to developing more inclusive health initiatives and advancing the insurance provider’s commitment to ensure protection from vulnerabilities, ushering in a future where being a woman should not be a risk.

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Achieving holistic wellness for women: how far are we?

The study further reveals that poorer mental health outcomes for women may be linked to the unique pressures and worries that they often face, specifically how often their abilities are questioned simply because they are women, and the societal expectations attributed to motherhood. 44% of Filipino women say that their abilities are doubted because of their gender. While there’s no significant difference between men and women in having a fair share of domestic chores, there are greater expectations and demands of caring for children and elder family members for women.

AXA Philippines Chief Operating Officer Kathleen Driz emphasizes the need for more comprehensive solutions that address the challenges faced by women and empower them to pursue more growth opportunities. She said, “As an insurance company, it is imperative that we provide holistic solutions for our Filipino women. AXA is doing this through various initiatives such as health plans with benefits that cater to women and their families as well as volunteer programs that uplift women’s role in communities. The Emma by AXA PH, for example, is an app designed to be a reliable financial and wellness partner, embodying women’s strong capabilities to nurture and lead.  We do these to make a lasting impact on the broader insurance landscape that is more inclusive and responsive to the unique needs of every Filipina.”   

Substantial gaps are not only present in women’s mental health but overall mind and body. Women also face leading health risks such as heart disease, breast cancer, cervical and ovarian cancer, depression and anxiety, and reproductive issues. A recent report from Healthy Philippines Alliance (HPA) said that there were more deaths among women with cancer (36,060) than men (32,951).

AXA Philippines’ dedication to fostering optimal health reflects in its comprehensive medical and critical illness plans that prioritize prevention and treatment of these high-risk diseases for women. They include screening and diagnosis support, early to late-stage cancer coverage, built-in child benefits for mothers, and wide access to medical professionals and health providers in-person or via teleconsultation through MyPocketDoctor for any health issues and through Mind You for concerns specific to mental health. Apart from these specialized health plans, the global company also holds workplace health assessments and conducts purpose-driven studies around the world. Through these multifaceted efforts, AXA remains committed to improving mind, body, and financial well-being for all.

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For more information about AXA Philippines’ commitment to holistic well-being for women and for all, visit https://www.axa.com.ph/multimedia/articles/being-a-woman-shouldnt-be-a-risk.

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