Burger King, the renowned global fast-food chain, is upping its game with its new coffee product line,  BK CAFÉ.

Getting coffee lovers perked up, Burger King is introducing a wide range of expertly roasted and specially brewed, coffee drinks made with 100% Arabica beans, directly sourced from Holland. To top it off, nothing is spared for the full BK CAFÉ experience with the groundbreaking Cafitesse coffee machine technology, guaranteeing that every sip provides an exquisite balance to enjoy any time of the day.

Your new go-to cup of coffee from BK

Starting at just P49, BK CAFÉ offers an incredible range of hot & iced coffee options. Choose from any of their 3 great iced coffee flavors: Iced Sweet Black, Iced Vanilla, and Iced Mocha. Have it your way, and pair your choice of coffee with any of our signature flame-grilled beef burgers, breakfast, and rice meals. It’s a match-made in flavor heaven, enhancing every bite with the cool, invigorating taste of these delectable beverages.


Coming from the launch of BK CAFÉ, Burger King has also rebranded its Joe Coffee as Roast Coffee, assuring customers that the same exceptional taste they know and love remains unchanged. The BK CAFÉ line is designed to be affordable while maintaining its exceptional quality and flavor sure to satisfy the coffee cravings of every Filipino.

BK CAFÉ will be a mainstay feature on Burger King’s menu nationwide. Whether dining in, going through the drive-thru, choosing take-out, or opting for delivery, BK CAFÉ ensures that your coffee cravings are satisfied whenever and wherever you desire. For those who want to enjoy this in the comfort of their homes or offices, customers across the country can easily get their hands on the newest products through platforms such as the Burger King App, Grab, and FoodPanda.


 Promos and hacks that are perfect kickstarters to your BK CAFÉ era

Exciting promotions are now exclusively available through the BK App! Treat yourself to the perfect combination of an Iced Coffee drink and a delicious rice meal or burger, all at a discounted price. Check out the BK App to explore a variety of featured Combos, where you can pair any burger or sandwich with a drink of your choice. Satisfy your cravings and enjoy incredible flavor combinations, conveniently accessible through their app.

And that’s not all — for  BK CAFÉ enthusiasts who miss the delightful flavors of the Mocha Joe Frost, there’s great news! They can now upgrade their Iced Mocha drink to a coffee float and experience that familiar, irresistible taste. All it takes is a simple tap on the “Add Sundae” option, and they’ll be able to savor the delightful blend of coffee and sweetness that made Mocha Joe so beloved.

Don’t miss out on these mouthwatering offers! Download the BK App today to explore all the promotions and treats awaiting you.


Start off your coffee-filled day with BK CAFÉ now!

“With the launch of BK CAFÉ, every sip becomes a moment of bliss, perfectly matched to our customers’ enjoyment. BK CAFÉ invites you to savor the exceptional, indulge in the extraordinary, and redefine your perception of what coffee and fast food can truly be,” shared John Velasco, General Manager of Burger King Philippines.

So what are you waiting for? Experience the irresistible blends that Burger King has to offer by trying out their new BK CAFÉ line. Step out and indulge in the delectable flavors that await you!

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