Orocan is known for their hilariously ‘real’ ads, like their viral ‘TotoO Shopping’ Koolit Cantina film and billboard in 2019, and their 2021 Icebox Campaign with ‘Ms. Hurt’. It’s no surprise that the plastic manufacturing brand dubs itself as the ‘Plastik na Totoo,’ and why netizens love it for being just that. Now, Orocan is back with yet another campaign with creative agency GIGIL.

They are taking the brand to bigger heights (literally) with their new film for the iconic timba or Utility Pail!

Their new ad presents a typical Pinoy scenario. A guy takes a bath with his timba and tabo by the barrio’s water pump. After he completely covers himself in soap, he discovers that his non-Orocan timba actually has a crack in it.

And how does Orocan come to his rescue? It comes crashing down from the heavens…literally.

Watch the ‘Poso’  film on Orocan’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=584669906103638

This hilarious scene seems to be a witty callback to their first ad with GIGIL, the ‘TotoO Shopping’ film with Victor Anastacio, where they dropped their Koolit Cantina from the 30th floor.

Orocan and GIGIL have really levelled it up this time, because they actually put the Orocan Timba in the sky, as a constellation alongside the Big Dipper and the LIttle Dipper. Just like our humble tabo and timba sa banyo combo.

And if that wasn’t clear yet: the Orocan Timba Constellation is a real thing! The brand has purchased stars to register the first-ever constellation by a Filipino brand. They even shared with us their official star registry certificate, pictured below:

So when you look up at the sky at night, you can wish upon a star among the Timba Constellation. Now we can say that Orocan truly is the ‘Star ng Kaplastikan.’

Use the Orocan Timba Constellation Filter on Facebook or Instagram to see the stars up close! Those who find the Timba Constellation will see the hidden promo code for a 15% discount (with a minimum purchase of P500) in the Orocan Official Store on Shopee and Lazada. https://bit.ly/TimbaConstellationFilter

Visit the Orocan official store on Shopee and Lazada:



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