For children battling critical illnesses, the power of wishes is more than just a source of happiness but is a source of strength. MaxiLife, in cooperation with Make-A-Wish Philippines, granted the wishes of children with critical illnesses at The Mind Museum in Bonifacio Global City last Saturday, October 14, 2023. This served as a testament to the transformative power of wishes coming true, underscoring both organizations’ commitment to uplifting lives and safeguarding wishes.

“In every child’s wish, we see an opportunity to make a difference. We believe that each moment counts. We are not providing financial support for their medical needs, but instead inspire hope through granting their wishes and empower them to wish bigger. Together with the Make-A-Wish Philippines, we are committed to fulfilling their wishes and make them a reality. This is the essence of MaxiLife, to be present, to uplift, and to safeguard the dreams and life aspirations of Filipinos, even in the face of uncertainty,” said Mervin L. Pobre, PhD, President, and CEO of MaxiLife.

Make-A-Wish Philippines’ Senior Program Officer, Danimei Everett

Making Wishes Come True

According to a 2021 report by the United Nations Inter-agency Group for Child Mortality Estimation (UN IGME), over 60,000 children die annually before their fifth birthday because of medical complications in the Philippines. Despite this, numerous children in critical conditions still wish to grow up and having fun with their friends and family.

However, the medical treatment the children undergo is not only financially draining, but also emotionally and psychologically tumultuous for many families.

This is why it has become imperative for life insurance companies such as MaxiLife to provide these families with a chance to live the way they should. As the company’s purpose and vision is for every single Filipino to choose to live their dreams with full confidence knowing that they are financially protected in every moment. Partnering with Make-A-Wish Philippines and granting children’s wishes at the event is an initial step towards a bigger goal for the company – to empower Filipinos, especially in the middle class and working class, to focus on funding their life aspirations, with MaxiLife as a financial safety net against life’s uncertainties.

MaxiLife’s Chief Revenue Officer Jun Marasigan

“MaxiLife is the best partner for this event as they put kids in need as one of their priorities and are spreading awareness about the opportunity to be the catalyst of a life-changing moment to a child,” said Aleah B. Ortiz, Executive Director of Make-A-Wish Philippines

Granting the best day ever

The event brought together 10 children with critical illnesses as well as their parents, guardians and 15 MaxiLife volunteers for a fun-filled afternoon at The Mind Museum’s galleries and exhibits. The children not only had time to explore the interactive and educational sections but also took part in exciting games all throughout the venue. After the tour, the children were in for a surprise as MaxiLife and Make-A-Wish Philippines brought out a huge variety of gifts that the children had all wished for. At the end of the day, although many volunteers and children were hesitant to say goodbye to their new friends, they all would not forget this very special day.

“MaxiLife’s key objective as a life insurance company is to encourage preparedness and promote awareness of the real possibility of unexpected critical illnesses so that when it occurs, the insured person and their family can be free of financial burden and able to focus more on recovery,” said Pobre.

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