In the competitive shapewear industry in the Philippines, SOLÁ has distinguished itself by leveraging TikTok Shop’s distinct features, enhancing the brand’s reach and appeal to consumers.

SOLÁ, an affordable yet high-quality shapewear line, was launched in the spring of 2023 by Miss International 2016 Kylie Versoza and her friends with the main goal of encouraging the community to embrace the uniqueness of their bodies and feel comfortable in their own skin.

As an ecommerce startup, SOLÁ has adopted TikTok Shop to maintain a two-way communication with its consumers, allowing them to connect with the brand’s shapewear products.

SOLÁ’s Growth and Engagement

SOLÁ through TikTok Shop was able to achieve its main goal to directly connect with consumers. The brand reached a vast audience of engaged and interested users which built trust and created a sense of community.

“For TikTok Shop specifically, we want to be on an e-commerce platform where we’re able to communicate with our audience two ways. So not just selling them, but really communicating and resonating with them through the content.  Through TikTok Shop, we got a lot of audiences interested with the brand”, Ally Gao, General Manager of SOLÁ explained.

Gao added that their unique livestreams allow them to come up with competitive pricing. “We don’t have this every single day and it’s for a limited time only and I think our audience knows that so they really tune in to livestreams to communicate with our host and the brand and partake in lower pricing. We really love seeing that because not only do they get a discount, they’re also able to really engage with us,” she said.

Furthermore, SOLÁ embraced content creation spearheaded by Kylie Versoza, boosting the brand’s visibility and consumer recognition. The company plans to include collaborations with more content creators to expand SOLÁ’s reach, showcasing the platform’s potential in fostering organic growth in a competitive shapewear market.

Maximizing the 6.6. Campaign

SOLÁ is geared up to provide exclusive discounts to its customers in TikTok Shop’s 6.6 campaign. This initiative includes partnerships with L’Oreal Paris, offering complimentary products during key livestream sessions.

Additionally, SOLÁ plans to exclusively offer on TikTok Shop, a 12% discount on all products, excluding select items such as the Milk Colorway and nipple cover, along with collectible vouchers and free shipping options during the campaign period.

To know more about SOLÁ and their TikTok Shop exclusive 6.6 sale offers, go to

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