Putting their best paw forward, Doggo brought ‘pawrents’ and their doggos closer through a fun-filled experience at their Doggo Pawty held free for everyone at Bonifacio Global City recently. The Filipino-owned dog brand organized the carnival-themed event with the mission of bolstering the bond between pet owners and their fur babies through engaging activities.

With all things pets, a good owner knows how imperative it is to spend quality time with furry friends and pamper them with the best care. As a mutual believer, the brand kicked off their inaugural event by being a resource for quality dog welfare.

As pawfectly made by Doggo, cost-free in-house booths of varying dog services were built to cater to the pet attendees. This includes the Clinic where dogs had free vet check-ups, the Insurance which provided free insurance to secure them in case of emergencies, and the Photobooth for free and unlimited snaps so that fur moms and dads could capture and immortalize their special date with the fur babies.

There’s also a fulfilling feeling that one gets when welcoming a new furry family member home, and through Doggo and PAWSsion Project, an adoption drive was also assembled at the party. Established almost at the same time as Doggo, PAWSsion Project is a non-profit organization for dog rescue and rehabilitation which Doggo regularly collaborates with to spread awareness about the reality of strays in the country and drive up their adoptions. At the event, Doggo played matchmaker between stray dogs and dog lovers to help 15 stray dogs find their new homes.

And just like any other parties, goodies and merchandise were also up for grabs which were made possible in partnership with participating brands, Amazon Pumps and Purreetty.

For the tail-wagging-worthy highlights, the canine companions proved to be more than just pets as witnessed at the event’s competition segment. Showcasing their talents, it was cuteness overload at the Trick and Treat Booth as dogs exhibited their learned tricks where they got rewarded with a pack of treats. The Doggo Marathon brought the whole pack howling as they got to do what they love most – running. The track was intentionally designed to be unbarricaded to encourage a deeper connection between dogs and their owners. Each doggo marathoner dashed at their fastest pace while being timed, and the one with the shortest time recorded was pronounced the winner. A speedy Shih Tzu named ‘Panpan’ won the race against 200 other dogs with a record of less than three seconds, bagging a prize money of P10, 000.

Sealing the fun, dancing dog mascots, as well as internet-famous fur pets and parents such as Jack and the Balbons, Pamilya Balbons, Kier Bear, Baby Ginger, and Bogart & Betchay,also made it to the barking bash.

Kurt Cheng, Doggo’s CEO, launched the brand in 2019 with the purpose of delivering premium dog supplies and services for fur families. As an active advocate for bringing man’s best friend and their needs closer and more available, Cheng beams on the real essence behind organizing the Doggo Pawty.

“We did not want to make an event just for the sake of throwing one. It was important for us to launch it as a way of communicating and promoting better treatment for dogs – to consider them as a part of the family and not just as house guards or displays.”

Seeing the successful turnaround, Cheng sees the possibility of hosting the Doggo Pawty annually with aspirations of bringing fur families closer together and paving the way for more accessibility to top-class dog care, services, and products.

Through Doggo, hopefully, more exciting events await these pawesome pets and parents where they can strengthen their relationships and encourage more owners to do the same.

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