Fresh from a successful caravan yesterday that drew over hundreds of freelance delivery partners, delivery service provider foodpanda logistics announced a follow-up caravan today in Pasig where interested freelance delivery partners can sign up and onboard to the platform on the spot, and get a chance to receive bonuses and other perks.

Due to the big turnout from the first leg in Pasay, foodpanda logistics is having its second leg to give opportunities to more interested freelancers to become part of their delivery fleet.

Ron Sanders, foodpanda logistics Rider Experience Lead shared that this is a bid to provide more livelihood opportunities for those seeking flexible employment avenues while enhancing their delivery capabilities and enhance the overall customer experience.

“We’re opening our doors to welcome 2,000 new delivery partners to our Ka-panda fleet – whether you are a motorcycle rider, a biker, or a walker,” Sanders announced. “Our Ka-pandas come from diverse backgrounds—some work part-time, others freelance across multiple platforms, and many rely on foodpanda logistics as their primary source of income. So those who will be joining us can depend on a platform that will offer them a livelihood with freedom and flexibility.”

Rider Express Support at your service

Aside from the easier and faster onboarding of interested delivery partners, a Rider Support Express will be present to help existing Ka-pandas with concerns and questions.

Sanders explained, “The Rider Caravan is designed to make the process of becoming a Ka-panda easier and faster but we also dedicated a space for those who wish to discuss their concerns.”

The delivery service provider has also been moving around cities and different areas for the past year with their pandaPatrol: Hub on Wheels. “To date, we have visited more than hundreds of cities and provinces to connect with our Ka-pandas nationwide.”

Making stops at select gas stations, panda Patrol offers interactive games and activities as well as a support hub for delivery partners where they can personally meet foodpanda logistics representatives to raise any concerns on the spot. “We are always moving around cities and different areas to always be present around our Ka-pandas because nothing beats that connection and engagement to make them feel that we are here to assist them.”

Taking care of Ka-pandas

The newly onboarded delivery partners will undergo training sessions covering road safety and efficient delivery practices.

“It’s always great to welcome new additions to the family, but it’s equally important to prioritize the welfare of our existing delivery partners.”

Among the superb rewards and activities available to Ka-pandas is the Bamboo Rewards where they earn points for every successful delivery and exchange them for free merchandise. They have also partnered with insurance providers to ensure coverage throughout their delivery sessions, as well as discounts on health essentials like medicines to support the well-being of Ka-pandas.

“Once they have officially onboarded with us, they can start enjoying these perks and assistance. We believe in taking care of our Ka-pandas every step of the way,” added Sanders.

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