Did you know that “LEGO” came from two Danish words “Leg Godt” which means play well? This inspired a carpenter from Denmark to craft a line of small wooden toys to help children learn about the world. From a few simple bricks in primary colors, Ole Kirk Kristiansen’s LEGO block has formed the basis of over 18,000 LEGO products, received Hollywood treatment in THE LEGO MOVIE™, helped children learn about robotics and coding through LEGO® MINDSTORMS®, and inspired hours of playful digital adventures in over 180 LEGO video games.

The Power of Play

This year, LEGO® conducted the Play Well Study where they polled more than 55,000 parents and children from 30 different countries. The results have shown the fundamental power of play.

  • Play helps children develop critical life skills. Nearly all parents think children strengthen their creativity (93%), communication (92%), problem-solving skills (92%), and confidence (91%) while they play. They believe that these abilities help their kids thrive in a rapidly changing world.
  • Playing is a child’s most favorite way to learn. Most children surveyed say playing as a family is not only their preferred method of learning but also their recreational activity of choice (97%).
  • Playing isn’t just for kids. Over 4 in 5 parents called out LEGO play specifically, saying their families are happier when they play with LEGO bricks. According to them, playing helps build strong bonds and improves their wellbeing.

A Family Affair

Family values have always been at the heart of the LEGO Group. To this day, it is still owned by Ole’s family with great-grandson, Thomas Kirk Kristiansen, recently taking the helm.

“When my great-grandfather founded the company 90 years ago, he recognized that play could change the lives of children. He only had a small workshop, but he had big ambitions to ensure as many children as possible could experience the benefits that play brings,” said Thomas Kirk Kristiansen, Chairman of the LEGO Group. “Whether 1932, 2022 or on our 100th Anniversary in 2032, we strive to continue this legacy by helping all families, wherever they are in the world, to play well.”

Building a Brighter Future

The past nine decades have reinforced just how important play is to all children. That’s why 25 percent of the LEGO Group’s profit dividends go to the LEGO Foundation, giving millions of children the chance to play and learn – including those who are disadvantaged and impacted by crises. Last year, the LEGO Foundation committed over PHP 23 billion to help children around the world reach their full potential through play.

Bigger, Better, Brickier

In the lead up to its 90th anniversary, the LEGO Group is going to celebrate the thing that made those 9 decades possible: play!

To all kids and kids-at-heart, mark your calendars because a huge LEGO exhibit will be available at SM Megamall Event Center starting June 3 until June 19! Visitors can feast their eyes with iconic brick playsets over the years. The potential for imagination is endless for fans of all ages.

The celebration does not end there! On June 12, fun meets nostalgia as anniversary-theme building activities await you. Get the chance to see LEGO characters come to life and take photos at various LEGO landmarks. Enjoy all these with no minimum purchase required!

LEGO has also curated a list of sets to inspire you to spend quality family time. Score up to 30% OFF your favourite LEGO themes! With every purchase, you will also receive a FREE surprise gift.

  • LEGO Classic 90 Years of Play (SRP 3,499.00)
  • LEGO Double Loop Stunt Area (SRP 9,999.00)
  • LEGO Creator Majestic Tiger (SRP 3,499.00)
  • LEGO City Fire Station (SRP 4,299.00)
  • LEGO Dots Colored Designer Kit (SRP 4,499.00)
  • LEGO Friends Friendship Treehouse (SRP 5,499.00)                
  • LEGO Olivia’s Space Academy (SRP 4,999.00)
  • LEGO Duplo Town Wild Animals (SRP 6,799.00)
  • LEGO Ninjago Samurai x Mech (SRP 7,499.00)

Drop by the nearest LEGO Certified Store (in BGC, ATC, TriNoma, The 30 th , and UPTC), Toy Kingdom, and Toys R Us to experience FREE play activity.

Check out LEGO’s official Facebook page for the schedules.

Follow the hashtag #LEGO90Years and #LEGOPH to join in the fun!

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