Understand yourself better with this comprehensive test that analyzes how you behave, based on your genes

Did you know that your genes can influence your habits such as sleepless nights, midnight cravings, and even when you have difficulty focusing at work? Our unique genetic profile influences how we think, feel, and behave.

To better understand ourselves and our behavior better especially during challenging times like the pandemic, LifeScience Center, the country’s premiere health and wellness center, launched the Genomind Mental Health Map. It was made available in the Philippines last February 2022.

How our genes affect our actions

The first of its kind in the country, the Genomind Mental Health Map analyzes up to 38 expertly curated genetic variants that impact our 29 mental health traits. It then provides in-depth interactive reports on how our genes influence the seven Core Genetic Mental Health Capabilities.

These seven are: mood (irritability, ability to take criticism, etc), eating behavior (late night snacking, sweets cravings, etc.), social behavior (preferring to be alone or with people, etc.), stress and anxiety (resilience, lingering guilt etc), focus and memory (brain fog, impulsivity, etc), sleep (night owl behavior, snoring, etc), and habits and substance use (easily intoxicated, nicotine addiction, etc).

Mental health should be a priority
“We believe in the balance of things. There are several factors that contribute to a person’s mental wellbeing–genetics, their environment, experiences and lifestyle–which all combine to make mental health a personal and unique journey for every individual,” said Leslie Carlos, one of LifeScience Center’s psychotherapists.

“Genetics is the aspect that we have no control over, while the rest are modifiable and we can change based on our actions and habits. We offer products like the Genomind Mental Health Map so Filipinos can understand the different aspects that contribute to their mental health. It is a more proactive way of caring for it.”

Who can take the test?
The test can be taken by anyone. It can be for those who have had previous mental health conditions or for those who don’t have any history, but want to understand themselves better. It is also for anyone who wants personalized and evidence-based recommendations at any point of  their health journey. 

Patients should note that the test doesn’t inform them or the practitioner about medication they should take.  It is also not intended to help diagnose or treat any disease or other medical condition, nor to provide a genetic health risk assessment. Since this is a genetic test that does not change and should be taken only once, your results are the same whether you took this early or later in life making it an investment you can make for your health.

Patients who take the Genomind Mental Health Map will get a genetic interpretation which is a 30-minute consultation with an expert who will explain the reports, and give actionable insights and recommendations. They will also get a consultation of their choice (Psychotherapist: LifeScience Mind+ Talk Therapy, Functional Medicine Doctor: LifeScience Health Check, or Nutritionist-Dietitian: LifeScience Nutrition Consult). 

Actions based on understanding
NBA player, Kevin Love, shared how satisfied he was with the test. “When I received my Mental Health Map results and reviewed them with a Genomind expert advisor, the first thing I noticed was the accuracy. It’s given me satisfaction knowing that I’ve been doing the right things for myself these past few years, but also provides an action plan to work on areas that need more attention.”

Interested in availing of the Genomind Mental Health Map? Contact LifeScience Center at  (+63) 917 536 5784 or send an email at ask@lifescience.ph

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