Eridanus Marketing Corporation proudly supports award-winning students and robotic enthusiasts at the 11th Robotics Championship International Competition held in Oradea, Romania, from April 20 to 22, 2023.

Two teams from Santa Rosa, Laguna, emerged victorious, having won First and Second Place in the Freestyle Innovative Category, besting contestants from 11 countries, including China, Poland, Egypt, and Romania, among others.

Headed by President and CEO Edwina Olivar, Eridanus Marketing Corporation, the brand under the Eridanus Learning Center for Robotics, flew seven students to Romania for the three-day competition to foster ingenuity and creativity while exposing world-class young Filipino talents to the world.

“I see so much passion and determination in these students. They are dreamers who aspire to inspire generations and lead breakthroughs in the robotics industry. This victory is a testament to their talent and the quality of work that Eridanus Learning Center for Robotics produces.”

Bagging the top award under the Freestyle Innovative Category was Matthew James B. Perilla from Don Jose Integrated High School, Cydric John V. Javier, Lorenz Ian A. Aliño, and Rein Eunice A. De Jesus from Labas Senior High School, who worked on their masterpiece for two to three weeks.

Called “Collectiboat,” this award-winning project is an alternative water waste collector that accumulates trash on the surface of the water, specifically on lakes and moves it through a conveyor into the trash bins. It is even designed to enter drainage systems to help alleviate the causes of flooding. It has a filtration system that filters dirt and oil.

“What inspired us to make Collectiboat was the ongoing problem in society, which is pollution, specifically water pollution. During the Bagyong Paeng, we’ve seen the results of garbage in our community, and that’s the starting point of the idea of making Collectiboat. It was designed to lessen the increasing number of surface wastes found in water areas as well as drainage systems, which cause blockages that result in heavy flooding during typhoons” says De Jesus.

Meanwhile, Fast and Low-cost Observation for Worldwide Earthquakes or Project “FLOW” by Florenz Onile F. Gertes, Lawrence I. Delos Reyes, and Audrina Lorraine A. Tapay from Santa Rosa Science and Technology High School finished second place in a similar category.

Project “FLOW” is built to make navigation during disasters easier by using camera motion to detect earthquakes. When a temblor shakes the ground, the system swiftly responds by automatically opening gates and activating visual and audio cues such as LEDs and buzzers, enabling people to take necessary precautions and evacuate quickly and safely.

Taking pride in their piece, Gertes shares, “Incorporating innovation and technology in the development and strengthening of disaster management strategies can be proven to be advantageous for countries prone to earthquakes. This can enhance all the key phases of disaster management, including response, recovery, mitigation, and preparedness. The idea originated from plastic bottles with either clear or colored water placed above every whiteboard in our school as a warning device during an earthquake. If the water inside the bottles is observed to be in motion, it could indicate for students to take necessary actions.”

Organized by the University of Oradea – Department of Mechatronics, the annual Robotics Championship International Competition brings together top talents in the robotics industry from all over the world as they encourage students and robot enthusiasts to grow not only technical knowledge but also stimulate collaboration and networking.

The students used Fischertechnik Robotics System enabling them to construct realistic and fully-functional automated models. The participants were invited to this prestigious event after winning an Asian competition titled International Robotics Olympiad held in Thailand last January 11-14, 2023.

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