In 2020, 4,418 Filipinos died due to “intentional self-harm” or suicide, according to the Philippine Statistics Authority. This is a 57% increase from 2019, when 2,808 deaths were recorded due to suicide. It has become the 25th leading cause of death in the country last year, up from 31st in 2019. Worse, the rise in COVID-19 cases due to the Delta variant and the inconsistent lockdown measures have put a heavy toll on the public’s mental health.

The surge in infections has also overwhelmed the healthcare system, as the Department of Health retained the “high risk” classification of ICU and ward beds occupancy for COVID-19 patients nationwide. Services like testing, ambulance services, and blood supply have also been affected. With COVID sharing symptoms with flu including common illnesses like colds and fever, it is understandable for people to get paranoid and assume they have contracted the virus. This puts an emphasis on the need to increase accessibility to tests. With pandemic-related stress and anxiety already present, paranoia will only make things worse. However, diverting attention to material things, property, and essentials could help with the recovery process of those having mental health difficulties. It’s only natural then to prioritize protecting lives, mental health and essentials. 

MAPFRE Insurance aims to address these timely issues with its wide selection of insurance solutions. In partnership with the Philippine Red Cross, MAPFRE offers the Prestige Membership Card which includes benefits such as priority assistance on swab or saliva testing and blood requests, priority access to ambulance services, and a 10% discount on safety training. It covers accidental death and disability, and unprovoked murder and assault both worth P200,000. The membership also comes with term life coverage also worth P200,000 and fire cash assistance worth P20,000.

MAPFRE has property insurance as well to help protect your homes. The standard home insurance covers fire and lightning perils. There’s also an option for added benefits to include relocation and hospital allowances, and legal, bereavement and ICU assistance up to P5,000. Lastly, the comprehensive home insurance option adds earthquake, typhoon and flood coverages, among other benefits, which is timely with the country’s rainy season.

“Our insurance offerings may just be a small piece of the puzzle but we’re hoping these can help you achieve peace of mind and ease your burdens especially in this pandemic. We all need a helping hand in troubling times like these,” said MAPFRE President and CEO Tirso Abad. With a global footprint and nearly 90 years of experience in the industry, Filipinos can put their trust in MAPFRE and allow its insurance solutions to take care of them and their belongings, Abad added.

MAPFRE has also made recent strides to ensure they provide products and services catering to the needs of Filipinos promptly and hassle-free. From reporting a claim, getting a quotation, to applying for renewal, MAPFRE’s services can now be accessed online. To know more about MAPFRE Insurance, please visit or like and follow MAPFRE PH’s official Facebook page.

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