For consistently promoting the values of inclusivity, teamwork, and leadership in the workplace, leading mobile wallet GCash recently earned the Great Place to Work (GPTW) Certification after employees gave high scores to their employer and workplace.

The GPTW annual research represents more than 12 million employees from thousands of organizations in over 50 countries.

“Here at GCash, our goal is not just financial inclusion, but inclusion in every possible way. This certification proves that GCash employees are highly motivated by the company’s ideals. Together, we have created tons of positive impact in the community, but remain humbled as there is always room for growth. A company that nurtures its employees develops a great culture and ultimately, an exceptional business.” says GCash CEO Martha Sazon.

GCash scored highly in the categories of inclusivity, teamwork, and leadership behavior with an impressive 88%, 84%, and 82% respectively. From the three categories, employee sentiment revealed that they trust their leaders, are supportive of each other, and at the same time have the liberty to be themselves.

GCash understands the crucial role that leadership behavior plays in shaping the organizational culture and employee experience. By aligning leaders’ behavior with the company’s strategy and values, GCash inspires and motivates its employees.

Furthermore, the survey revealed that 88% of GCash employees believe that the management promotes inclusive behavior, avoids discrimination, and ensures fair appeals. Notably, 95% of employees stated that people within GCash are treated fairly, regardless of their sexual orientation.

GCash has also recently announced its new Life Partner Benefits program which extends its comprehensive benefits to employees with LGBTQIA+ and domestic partners. Employees will only be required to submit minimal documents to enable them to declare their partners as their dependents, excluding a marriage certificate.

Additionally, 92% of GCash employees expressed satisfaction in their contributions to the community through their work, this reaffirms GCash’s efforts to effectively communicate its vision and values, creating a sense of purpose and direction among employees.

“GCash’s dedication to creating an exceptional workplace goes beyond individual rewards. Rather, it revolves around the trust employees have in their leaders,” said Robert Gonzales, GCash Chief People Officer.

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