The dance performance choreographed by Ashvinder Singh embraces the healing power of movement.

Multiple studies present compelling evidence of the transformative effects of the arts on mental health and well-being. These art engagements may range from music therapy for pain management, drama therapy to support social-emotional development, and dance programs for Parkinson’s Disease patients, among others.[1] Growing literature also reveals that art activities may lead to lower levels of stress and daily anxiety, decreased risk of depression, and the development of self-esteem, self-acceptance, confidence, and self-worth.[2] Committed to promoting optimal mental health and overall wellness, AXA Philippines is harnessing the power of art to promote its mental health advocacy through a collaboration with the multidisciplinary art platform Nude Floor.

Blending art and advocacy

AXA Philippines recently showed support for Nude Floor’s immersive art event called “The Gallery – A Night of Sensory Explorations.” Tapping choreographers, musicians, and visual artists, the interactive art experience served as a platform where both the artists and the attendees became active participants in the dialogue surrounding mental health. It was a unique collaborative exercise between restraint and letting go, reminding the audience of the importance of sensorial awareness when navigating around our everyday realities.

Held at the Samsung Performing Arts Theater, the space was transformed into a 360-degree setting where viewers could freely move around the surface and interact with the local artists’ exhibits and installations. The audience also enjoyed an immersive, 90-minute sit-down show featuring several pieces from various movement artists.

Contemporary artist Chloe Alcid’s dance performance perfectly captures the power of art to evoke emotions and inspire audiences.

The event brought a fusion of creative expressions, spanning Visual Art, Poetry, 4D Installations, and Live Music. This kinetic exhibition explored the value of intuition, rawness, and vulnerability, underlining how emotional exposure fosters authentic connections.

“The Gallery” provided participants with an opportunity to explore their own mental landscapes, fostering a deep understanding of themselves and those around them. This transformative experience leaves a lasting impression, precisely aligning with the event’s objective of raising awareness about mental health through personal, emotional, and relatable encounters.

AXA’s continuous global mission

The insurance provider has built a reputation for devoting time and resources to developing solutions and supporting programs aimed at helping individuals around the world reach the peak of good mental health. Among its notable global initiatives is the annual AXA Study of Mind Health and Well-being conducted to measure mental well-being worldwide, identify why some people are struggling, and look at how individuals, healthcare professionals, and policymakers can promote the best possible mental health outcomes for all. 

In 2022, AXA launched an Asia-wide ‘Make Time For Me-Time’ campaign encouraging the sandwich generation, who are caught between caring for their elderly parents and their children, to redefine what it means to be well. On a local level, AXA Philippines has also implemented country-specific initiatives such as free mental health benefits in insurance plans which include counseling from licensed psychologists through its partner – Mind You.

Moreover, AXA Philippines ensures employee mental well-being through initiatives like the Employee Assistance Program, an online counseling platform providing direct access to mental health professionals. Last October, AXA Philippines organized Healthy You Days, a week-long event featuring diverse activities like yoga classes, foundational fitness programs, Zumba, art therapy, and mental health talks, showcasing the company’s dedication to supporting employee health.

With a desire to spark meaningful conversations surrounding mental health, AXA Philippines shall continue developing more solutions and exploring non-traditional means to contribute to the mental health landscape in the country. By harnessing the transformative power of art and forging purpose-driven collaborations, AXA Philippines remains steadfast in its commitment to protecting the overall well-being of Filipinos wherever they are in their various life journeys. For more information about AXA’s commitment to mind health and holistic well-being, visit 



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