Eclectic music producer Wovensound and acclaimed rapper Ihasamic! mark another exciting collaboration with the release of their new single “The Constant,” out now via Umami Records.

With sultry R&B vocals from Sreshya, introspective verses from ZFRL and Ihasamic! himself, and a smoky, downtempo production from Wovensound, the massive new tune echoes the group’s frustrations and fears over the uncertainty that’s been clouding their headspace during this time of forced withdrawal.

Despite its tendencies to embrace pensive gloom, the song ties together stories of struggle, survival, and resilience with dignified honesty, while channeling their collective energy into something inspiring and worthy of discussion.

For his part, Ihasamic! openly questions his growth and progress, and if there even was any substantial enough to speak of, during these difficult times. But the Repack rapper comes to terms with the idea of allowing himself time out of time, realizing that it’s perfectly fine to rest, practice self-care and be sensitive to people who are going through difficult challenges in life.  “It’s a sorry-I’m-like-this apology letter to everyone I’ve inconvenienced because I feel very demanding asking for things,” he shares, navigating these huge emotional hurdles with newfound wisdom.

For Sreshya’s verses, the rising soul-pop artist dismantles the illusion of trying to be tough on the outside, and expresses how important it is to showcase vulnerability once in a while. “Instead of dealing with my issues and addressing my lows, I stick with the comfort of pretending it’s all okay and everything’s the same as it ever was, because otherwise, I might lose my mind.” She adds, “My ending verse is kind of an acknowledgement that everything is not as okay as it seems and I should embrace that because nothing’s in our control anyway. The line, ‘set these sails low’ isn’t admitting defeat, more about embracing the uncertainty.”

ZFRL shares the same frustration with his fellow collaborators, but finds value in escaping the suffocation of repetitive routines. “I guess some people prefer to live within a safe space unlike others such as myself who prefer volatility and yet, the anxiety and uncertainty scares me,” the rap sensation says. “It gets confusing when both types of people look at you as either the outcast of society or an inspiration for them to seek out a higher purpose of living. I hope to find the balance between both.”

But aside from the inspiring confessionals, “The Constant” offers subtler moments that are admirable, and primal soundscapes that howls into the void. Thanks to Wovensound’s brooding production, the track doesn’t settle for anything less, complementing the bigness of the lyrics with visceral edginess.

Listen to “The Constant” via Umami Records:

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