House of Mentorque gathered together 7 talented Social Media phenoms to form a boy group that will take the music scene into a whole new level of performances highlighted by their individual passion and intensity to entertain, known as BEYOND ZERO.

The leading production house in the Philippines specializing in events management, Mentorque Production (MProd events: Black Party, White Party etc.) expands into talent management representing skilled individuals from various performing arts. The House of Mentorque scouted these gentlemen whose TikTok Views reaches over 1.3 Billion and 12.5 Million Digital audiences worldwide. Beyond Zero is composed of Andrei Trazona, Jester Kyle, Duke Cruz, Jieven Aguilar, Wayne Gallego, Khel Figueroa and Mathew Echavez who all share the same degree of commitment to their dreams of becoming entertainment icons. 

In a virtual press conference, these future idols were introduced to the media and showcased their individual skills making them worthy to be part of this group. They were welcomed to the industry by other Social Media personalities, Ken San Jose, Argie Roquero, Yuki Takahashi, Franz Mialo, Ralph Alfaro, Andrea Pauline and Austin Ong who also performed. 

Beyond Zero is currently housed together undergoing rigid daily trainings to hone their skills, which are being documented and will be shown in a 6-part documentary series on starting on December 18, 2021, hosted by Jessy Mendiola. On each episode, we’ll get to know more about their personal lives and their sacrifices as a group to reach where they are today.  

Their million supporters are also in for a treat as Beyond Zero performs in their launching concert set on December 3, 2021 to be aired globally via Guest performers include Philippines’ finests in the music scene, Sexbomb Dancers, Maneuvers, Ace Ramos, Mars Miranda, Quest and JROA. 

Witness their star shine bright with a degree that’s BEYOND ZERO.

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